Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai |

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

Rejuvenate and combat signs of ageing on your neck, face and other areas by having Profhilo treatments in Dubai

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15 July 2019

Last updated on 20 October 2019
Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

A growing number of women are becoming worried about the lines in their neck, caused by staring down at their phone all of the time.

As a result, more women are turning to cosmetic treatments to help combat what has been dubbed 'tech neck' - deep lines, wrinkles and skin laxity, which are the result of women frequently lowering their heads to check out their phones.

The trick to combating 'tech neck'? PROFHILO® treatments. This isn't just any standard 'neck filler' in Dubai however, instead it's a hyaluronic acid gel that rehydrates and tightens the skin, as Dr Allen Rezai explains from Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group.

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The Lead Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon at the clinic shares some insight on PROFHILO®, an anti-ageing cosmetic treatment that helps to rejuvenate, stimulate, hydrate and build a 'dermal scaffold' in your neck.

Why you should consider Profhilo treatments in Dubai

As Dr. Allen explains, if you'd like to treat skin laxity, crepey skin, and obtain a more radiant and rejuvenated appearance in your neck - or even your face, chest, décolletage, hands, arms or knees - Profhilo is the perfect treatment for you.

He explains how "genetic or intrinsic ageing, combined with extrinsic factors such as sun exposure, smoking, pollution, gravity, stress, diet and lifestyle can all age our appearance. We start to lose the collagen and elastin that once kept our skin looking fresh, youthful and plumped up, and our skin becomes thinner and less elastic having less ‘bounce’ as time goes on.

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"Profhilo is a Hyaluronic Acid based injectable anti-ageing treatment focused on treating the skin. Unlike Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, Profhilo is not a volumising treatment.

"Containing a high dose of pure Hyaluronic Acid, Profhilo is described as a “Bio-Rejuvenator” or “Tissue Stimulator” in that it offers fantastic hydration and at the same time stimulates the skin’s fibroblast cells, boosting its natural production of collagen and elastin, improving the skin’s structure by increasing firmness, smoothness and elasticity of the skin."

What exactly is Profhilo, and how does it work?

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

Profhilo is the latest in the anti-ageing injectable treatments and is unbelievably effective in skin hydration, remodeling and restoring natural firmness of the skin.

Are Profhilo treatments the same as neck fillers in Dubai?

Simply put - no, it's not. Unlike normal Hyaluronic Acid neck fillers and dermal fillers, Profhilo is a pure Hyaluronic Acid gel, which flows and distributes itself evenly. It integrates within the skin’s tissue, acting as a “dermal scaffold”.

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What makes it unique is the slow release of Hyaluronic Acid over a period of 4 weeks, during which it stimulates the body’s natural production of all four different types of collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in intense hydration and significant improvement in skin tone, texture and firmness.

Profhilo can be used on its own but also combined with other cosmetic treatments to address the skin laxity and poor skin texture.

What are the benefits of Profhilo treatments?

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

As with any other cosmetic procedure, a thorough consultation is required to determine your suitability for Profhilo. Sometimes if there is significant volume loss or deep folds are present as well as skin laxity, Profhilo may be included as part of a wider treatment plan, combined with dermal fillers and/or Botox, to address all your concerns and achieve optimum results.

Due to its unique characteristics, Profhilo can even benefit younger individuals, in their late 20s and early 30s where normally other injectable treatments would not be indicated. In these instances, it can have a more of a preventive effect by maintaining the skin’s collagen and elastin, and by increasing its hydration.

The benefits of Profhilo include:

  • Intense hydration
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Improved crepey skin
  • Enhanced skin tone and texture
  • Overall regeneration of the skin
  • Increased firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin

Most common areas treated with Profhilo are face and neck - thanks to 'tech neck' - but it can also be used effectively for crepey skin around knees, back of hands, upper arms, chest and décolletage.

What does a Profhilo treatment include, and what are the results?

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

The general steps in a Profhilo treatment include:

1. Cleanse- The treatment area is cleansed.
2. Topical Anaesthetic- To make the procedure as comfortable as possible, strong topical anaesthetic cream is applied and the treatment only starts once the area is suitably numb.
3. The Profhilo Injections- Using a fine needle, similar to those used for injecting dermal fillers, Profhilo is then strategically injected in key points so as to maximise the ‘spreadability’ of the product throughout the treatment area. Similar to dermal fillers, the injection itself feels like a pinch, followed by a few seconds-long stinging sensation as Profhilo is being injected.
4. Arnica Cream – A bruise reducing cream is applied to minimize the risk of bruising following treatment.

The procedure including consultation takes approximately 45-minute, however the actual Profhilo injections only take 15 minutes to administer.

A course of Profhilo involves two treatment sessions spaced 4 weeks apart. Normally improvements are noticed within 4 weeks after the 1st session, but optimal results can be seen 4 weeks after the 2nd treatment session.

As with Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, the effects of Profhilo treatment is temporary and are known to last around 6 months and sometimes longer, depending on the condition of the skin and patient’s age and lifestyle. Repeat treatments are required once or twice per year in order to maintain the results.

What are the side effects of Profhilo?

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

From a safety perspective, Profhilo is highly biocompatible, due to the fact it is made from natural Hyaluronic Acid.

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The most common side effects are injection-related, and these include temporary slight redness, bumps or swelling at the injection sites which normally resolve in a few hours. In some cases, this may last up to 24 hrs.

The do's and don'ts of Profhilo treatments in Dubai

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

The do’s & don’ts and before and after treatment instructions for Profhilo is very similar to those for filler injections.

When you schedule your initial consultation with us at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, you are provided with comprehensive pre and post treatment care instructions. It is important that you know how to prepare for treatment and what to expect and how to take care of the area following treatment.

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By making sure you are prepared, you significantly reduce the risk of side effects and complications, especially if you’re planning to undergo treatment straight after your initial consultation.

Here are some common DOs & DON’Ts when considering Profhilo Treatment:

  • DO stay well hydrated and drink plenty of plain water before and after having Profhilo treatment as the Hyaluronic Acid in Profhilo is highly attracted to water and bind to moisture, if your body is dehydrated the gel will break down faster.
  • DO take anti-viral medication couple of days before your treatment and continue for a week after, if you have a history of Herpes / cold sores, as sometimes the injections could trigger an outbreak.
  • DO expect temporary swelling, slight redness, tenderness and an itching sensation in the treated area, immediately after the procedure. These are common at the injection sites and will generally improve within few hours.
  • DO use a cold compress after the treatment to sooth the area, minimise bruising and reduce swelling
  • DO sleep with two pillows under your head, the elevation will help to reduce swelling.
  • DON’T take anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen, Neurofen) and Vitamin E, fish oils, gingko biloba, and ginseng, during one week before your treatment and 24 hours after, as these can potentially thin the blood and make the treated area more prone to bruising or bleeding.
  • DON’T book your Profhilo Treatment right before an important event, especially if it’s your first time having Profhilo and you don’t yet know how your tissue will react, allow at least few days between the treatment and the event.
  • DON’T exercise and do avoid vigorous activities on the day of your treatment and for 24 hours after. You especially should avoid activities that increase blood flow to your face, like getting a massage or a facial.
  • DON’T expose the treated area to intense heat such as sauna, solarium or sunbathing for up to 3-5 days.
  • DON’T drink any alcohol couple of days before and 24 hours after treatment.

Always contact your Doctor if in doubt about any aspect of the pre-treatment preparation or post-treatment care.

The difference between Profhilo and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

Although Profhilo and dermal fillers are all made up of Hyaluronic Acid, their characteristics and function differ in more ways than one. Profhilo is a skin rejuvenator and doesn’t change the structure of the face. Profhilo’s formulation, allows it to flow over an extended area to boost hydration and smooth and ‘remodel’ the skin. Whereas dermal fillers remain in the area they are placed in and restore loss of volume, enhance the facial structure and plump up deep lines and wrinkles.

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Profhilo is complimentary to, rather than competitive with dermal fillers. They work exceptionally well together and dramatic improvements can be produced, resulting in an astonishingly smoother and rejuvenated look to what was previously a tired and ageing face.

Since introducing Profhilo in to my practice, it has become a favorite amongst my patients, as a stand-alone, skin-boosting treatment or combined with other cosmetic procedures for an overall enhanced and rejuvenated appearance.

Advice from Dr. Allen Rezai on Profhilo treatments

Combat 'Tech Neck' with Profhilo in Dubai

Profhilo and other injectable anti-ageing treatments have become a very popular alternative to more permanent types of procedures, such as surgical options. The great benefit of injectable treatments is that they enable you to get naturally youthful looking appearance but without the downtime that comes with surgery. With the right indications and correct treatment selection, remarkable results can be achieved.

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However, before deciding whether to proceed with a treatment, a thorough initial consultation with a qualified doctor, discussing your medical history, your reasons for wanting treatment, and the type of result you should realistically expect, is a must. Furthermore, you should FULLY understand all aspects of the treatment, including pros and cons, risks and side effects, cost, and what you should expect in terms of recovery, results and maintaining the results, before proceeding.

The following advice is to help you along the way in your search.

Thoroughly research your Doctor/Clinic. Word of mouth and recommendations from people you know is usually the most reliable guide. Treatment should be carried out in a medical setting using sterile needles and syringes.

A good Doctor will have a thorough initial consultation with you, check your medical history, discuss your reasons for wanting a specific treatment, cover all aspects of the procedure, including possible risks and complications, and provide you with a bespoke treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome. Your Doctor should give you honest indication and advice on the results you should expect. You should always be given enough time to make an informed decision and you should NEVER feel rushed.

Beware of Cheap providers. Cheap procedures usually come at a price. It usually means the product is counterfeit, or administered by an inexperienced, non-qualified practitioner.

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Make sure that you are aware of the product you are being injected with. During your treatment the sterile product should be taken out from a box. Everything should be transparent. You should be able to see exactly what is going on and what is being used.

Treatments should only be carried out in a clean, safe and appropriate clinical environment to avoid infection and permanent physical damage. Treatments should be carried out in a clinical facility and NOT in a home setting or, for example, a nail bar or tattoo parlour.

Aftercare is an important aspect of any treatment. You should always ask the doctor about the aftercare provided, especially if anything were to go wrong.

No Matter How Common Certain Treatments Have Become, it is still a cosmetic procedure with possible risks and side-effects and should not be taken lightly.

Never feel pressured into undergoing a treatment without fully understanding all the implications.

To find out more about the Profhilo or other injectable treatments at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group or to book a Consultation please call +971 4 431 2396.

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