Get Firm Fast - Melt Fat in Minutes and Tighten Up Loose Skin |

Get Firm Fast - Melt Fat in Minutes and Tighten Up Loose Skin

Target fat and cellulite, tighten skin and shape the body with no downtime - the ideal solution for the contemporary lifestyle.

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11 June 2014

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Get Firm Fast - Melt Fat in Minutes and Tighten Up Loose Skin
Exilis Elite is a new, innovative and highly versatile technology that uses combined Radio Frequency (RF) and Ultrasound energies for skin tightening, body shaping, and reducing fat and cellulite, capable of application to almost any area of the body entirely safely and with long-lasting results. Most importantly it is also entirely non-invasive and comfortable for the patient and requires no downtime. It is a great option for those not yet ready for liposuction or who simply need small localised areas of stubborn fat treating and skin tightening.

There is a huge demand today for any method or technology that can help people eliminate or reduce fat and cellulite, tighten their skin and tone their bodies. But many potential patients either don't want surgery, are not yet ready for it, or have highly active lifestyles that don't permit them to take time off for surgery and the ensuing downtime needed for recovery.
Non invasive body shaping

So what if there was one simple but sophisticated treatment that satisfies all of these demands, which is reasonably priced, safe and pain-free, and can be undertaken in short convenient sessions, even during a lunch-break? Many might call this a miracle. But this is exactly what is possible with the latest Exilis Elite combined RF and Ultrasound technology currently being launched at the Dubai DHCC based clinic of Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, who are regularly at the forefront in adopting the latest and best in aesthetic technology.

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The Exilis Elite system can be used to treat most areas of the face and body, and is particularly effective in slowing down the signs of ageing by reducing lines, wrinkles and loose skin on the face and neck, but here we investigate how the Exilis Elite can be used in body reshaping to effectively target fat and cellulite and tighten the skin in many parts of the body in both women and in men.

Explains Dr Allen Rezai, lead Consultant plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group: “There is no doubt that many patients are seeking non-invasive alternatives to liposuction. Whilst there is no non-surgical solution that can produce results as dramatic and extensive as liposuction, The Exilis Elite is a highly versatile state-of-the-art system combining the advantages of both Ultrasound and RF which does work well in treating smaller areas of localised fat that have not responded well to balanced diet or exercise and for areas where non-surgical skin tightening is wanted. It is also effective in reducing cellulite and improving skin texture, thus playing an important role in our ever-growing repertoire of anti-ageing treatments.”

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According to Dr Rezai, the most frequently treated areas using the Exilis Elite system in body shaping are the love handles, chest, abdomen, arms, back (particularly bra strap fat), thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and knees. There are also some patients who have just small areas that they want contoured or patients that have loose skin without necessarily the need for shaping. So treatment can consist of shaping and tightening of the skin together in combination, or just one or the other alone.

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Dr Rezai explains that “the Exilis Elite functions by combining Ultrasound with Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver heat deeply into the skin, resulting in fat loss, collagen remodeling and skin tightening. The Ultrasound component targets the subcutaneous fatty tissue, causing the fat cell membrane to burst, enabling the fat to 'melt' and then be released in to the surrounding tissue. As the fat is 'melted' out of its container cells, these cells actually shrink in size. The body then metabolises and disposes of the melted fat in precisely the same way as if it had been consumed, with a certain amount being excreted through body’s own natural process and some being retained. The Radio Frequency component of the system heats the deeper layers of the skin, initiating the process known as Collagen Remodeling in which older elongated strands of collagen are denatured by the RF energy. During the body’s own repair process these collagen networks are then stimulated, strengthened and aligned in a more youthful configuration that improves both the skin laxity and its texture, at once tightening and rejuvenating. RF also improves blood circulation, which in turn increases lymphatic drainage which helps the body to excrete the excess 'melted' fat safely and effectively.”

“A unique feature of the Exilis Elite,” continues Dr Rezai, “is its employment of a proprietary technology known as Energy Flow Control (EFC) which helps deliver maximum thermal effect to tissue in the shortest time whilst ensuring safety, comfort and control. In aesthetic treatments, we need to balance using high energy levels without compromising the patient's comfort. The Exilis Elite controls and automatically eliminates energy peaks, ensuring there is no sudden surge, resulting in optimal skin tightening and fat reduction. It also includes an advanced cooling system that provides greater control for accurate tissue heating. Cooler surface temperatures help the RF and Ultrasound energies go deeper,” explains Dr Rezai. “In this way, we can precisely target the tissue we want in order to either reduce fat or tighten skin in many parts of the body.”

Dr Rezai observes that there are numerous competing non-invasive body shaping and skin tightening devices, but these tend to be limited to just providing one or the other. “Exilis Elite is significantly more versatile and effective,” says Dr Rezai. “Some of these systems are limited to treating very small areas of the body, or require a certain minimum dimension of fat to be able to treat small areas, whereas the Exilis Elite can be used on virtually any area with few restrictions. This is in addition to many other technologies having a pain factor that is frequently too high for the typical patient to tolerate, thus requiring topical anaesthetic. Whereas during a session with Exilis Elite, the underside of the applicator provides cooling to the skin’s surface, keeping the patient comfortable throughout the treatment, without recourse to medication.” declares Dr Rezai.

“What is more,” continues Dr Rezai, “Exilis Elite is versatile enough even to be able to correct skin and body contouring anomalies left unaddressed by other procedures. For example, any residual uneven areas left by liposuction can be corrected.”

Who can benefit from the Exilis Elite Body Contouring treatment? Dr Rezai explains that “the treatment is suitable for patients of a very wide age range, typically women and men from 25 to 70+ years who have moderate to mild fat deposits and lax skin, and who either don't want or are not yet ideal candidates for surgical solutions, or who are unable to undergo surgery due to underlying medical conditions. The main exclusions to those suitable for the treatment are women who are pregnant or nursing, and those fitted with a defibrillator or pacemaker or have any type of metal implant.

“Many patients may see results following initial treatments with the Exilis Elite,” explains Dr Rezai, “however for optimum results a course of treatment is required and studies show that men and women who have completed a course of treatment more than two years ago have maintained their results by keeping a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. Maintenance treatments can also be carried out as needed.”

“Overall the Exilis Elite system is a highly versatile technology enabling us to successfully treat a wide range of patients who require non-invasive fat reduction, skin tightening and contouring of various areas of the body with the minimum of discomfort, downtime and expense. It is the perfect solution for the contemporary lifestyle,” concludes Dr Rezai.

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