Review: The Perfect Peel Can Take Years Off Your Skin! |

Review: The Perfect Peel Can Take Years Off Your Skin!

It's finally time for Nese's Perfect Peel treatment. Read below our very own beauty guru's experience with the procedure...

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13 June 2017

Last updated on 31 October 2018
Review: The Perfect Peel Can Take Years Off Your Skin!
Now that my skin has been prepped professionally by the team at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group as well as by my humble hands and some life-changing ZO products at home, it is time for The Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel is a medium-depth peel suitable for all skin types. It's most obvious results include achieving clearer, younger and fresher looking skin in just a week.

Depending on the condition of the skin, and the desires of the patient, sometimes, a course of treatment may be required to achieve optimum result.

As I make my way in through the doors at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, I am greeted by familiar faces all around. What's great is they all remember my name and that immediately makes me feel at home!

Upon meeting Dr. Allen Rezai, he is attentive as always and asks me how my face feels after the ZO Phase 3 home care products and if they were easy to use. He examines my skin and confirms what I've been hearing all week - my skin is in fact glowing! I explain that the ZO Phase 3 home care products were very easy to use once you are in the routine and all my friends have commented on how my skin looks fresh and radiant. I feel my skin getting clean and healthier and can notice the change in texture.


Moving on, my therapist Rose begins the process of applying 3 layers of The Perfect Peel. I have cleansed my face at home with the products before my arrival here ready for The Perfect Peel.

Rose explains to me that my skin may feel a tingling sensation and slight heat and that the smell of The Perfect Peel product is potent. The process is simple, 3 consecutive layers of the peel solution are applied to my face.

Vaseline is applied to the corners of my mouth, nose and eyes as these areas are more sensitive. As Rose applies the product I can see what she means by the potent smell, the only way to explain is that it’s slightly alcoholic. Rose quickly and swiftly applies the yellow liquid starting from my chin area. I feel the tingling and slight heat sensation.

So I don’t feel any discomfort, Rose’s assistant fans my face from a distance making sure I'm not uncomfortable. The first layer is left to dry for a few seconds and the second and 3rd layer is applied. I feel less tingling and heat as the cool liquid is applied and my face is fanned. 
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Instructions for The Perfect Peel after-care

  • I am advised that I should leave The Perfect Peel overnight and not to wash my face. I am also cautioned that I may feel some warmness on my skin and that this is the sensation of the peel working on my skin. 
  • The following morning, I am asked to gently rinse my skin with water and blot dry with towel or tissue.  
  • In a few days, my skin will start to peel (like when you get sunburnt) but I am not to peel my skin at all! If the skin is excessive then to trim with a small pair of scissors but not to pull any skin off.
  • I am given a moisturizing cream to use if I feel like my skin is too dry.
  • To use complete sun block while going out in the sun and if possible to wear a hat for protection.
The Perfect Peel at EPCSG


Day 1
A day following The Perfect Peel treatment, my skin is slightly pink but I don’t feel any discomfort. I have rinsed my face with water and blotted dry with tissue as recommended. 
Day 2
Rose calls me although it is not a working day for her and asks how I feel and if I felt any discomfort during the night. I tell her I'm fine and that I have already rinsed my face and that I just look slight pinkish. She advises that I can use the moisturizing cream if my skin feels tight and to call her if I feel any discomfort. 
Day 3
The Peel has started to work! I have small signs of flakiness around my chin/jawline area and on the temples of my face. Although I was expecting it to peel like a complete layer (which it can and depends from skin to skin) mine is just flaking intermittently.

Day 4
The flaking continues on my jawline, nose and forehead area but my skin does not feel any discomfort at all. As I have to go in to work today I apply a small pea-size dollop of moisturizer on the flaking areas of my skin so it doesn’t look too dry. 

Forehead difference with Perfect Peel
Day 5 & 6
The flaking is less today but as you can see the difference in colour of skin on my forehead - the skin that is ready to peel is a darker tone and the skin which has peeled is lighter in tone. 
Some more of my skin was shed during my sleep at night as I can tell from my bed linen! However, this was completely pain-free and not inconvenient at all. Please note, however that the perfect  peel varies from person to person and as I did a course of the ZO Phase 3 at home prior this could be a reason that my skin did not peel as severe as some cases may be.
I have also added a photo of myself one month after my Perfect Peel and I am so super happy with the results. My skin is clear and more evenly toned. If you would like to have fresh & clear skin I highly recommend The Perfect Peel at Elite Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Group. 
Before and After Perfect Peel
If you would like to have fresh & clear skin I highly recommend The Perfect Peel at Elite Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Group. To make your appointment, or to speak to an expert please call 04 4312396
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