Review: Radio Frequency Combined With Laser On The Face |

Review: Radio Frequency Combined With Laser On The Face

Read our review of latest procedure combining RF, Radio Frequency & Laser on the face to tighten and tone.

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11 August 2014

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Review: Radio Frequency Combined With Laser On The Face
After finishing the full four week course of this radio frequency and laser treatment I can honestly say I'm really impressed with the results. I know you might say yeah yeah, what's the difference from all of the other treatments out there on the market and how do I know it will work? Can I tell you... I was sceptical, even to the second and third treatment I kept asking my therapist if she can see a difference because I'm not seeing it and then in the last month (two treatments to go) I started to really notice the difference. I compared older photos and looked closely in the mirror, there is definitely a noticeable difference, less fine lines around my eyes which also look much brighter now and those laughter lines have all but diminished. This is because the laser in the treatment works by removing collagen, thus forcing it to reproduce much stronger which it continues to do over time so the results are not always instant. Here are my before and after photos...
Before & After Radio Frequency with Laser

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My review...

I’ve passed 30 now, yes 30! I have to keep repeating it because I can see in the mirror how my face is starting to age. Unfortunately the hotter climate here in Dubai challenges us ladies when trying to keep skin hydrated and supple. I went along to Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group in Healthcare City to review their latest innovative treatment involving a mixture of Radio Frequency (RF), and Laser Skin Tightening, which promises to tighten, tone and improve overall complexion simply by stimulating the growth of new collagen. The treatments are non-invasive, so no surgery, knives or Botox needles here - simply by using a mix of the best treatments on the market to offer optimal results with little downtime. Please excuse the before and after photos, I know I’m not the prettiest of model however I hope you will see the results and I’ll be sure to keep the page updated with new images once I have completed more sessions.


Preliminary visit
Before the laser and Radio Frequency and Ultrasound treatment I was asked to go along to the clinic for a preliminary check-up of my skin condition which also includes a SkinCeuticals facial to prepare the face for the treatment. Ailleen, the nurse and laser specialist went through my medial history, recent sun exposure and checked for any possible contra indications she then went on to explain the treatments, what happens, what to expect immediately post treatment, aftercare and so on. It was quite important for me to understand the risks associated with the treatment so I received copies of the pre-treatment and post treatment care sheets along with the informed consent document which outlines the entire treatment so I can read through prior to the treatment.

If the facial was anything to go by I knew I would be happy to continue with the treatment. Aileen looked after me very well and at all times let me know exactly what she was doing before starting. After a close inspection of my face (where I found out how much I have neglected my skin…oops) we found that my skin was in need of some hydration and some Vitamin C to give it a boost. The facial recommended was a deep cleanse of the pores followed by a SkinCeuticals Vitamin C face masque, finished with Vitamin C face serum which aimed to prep my skin for the treatment in a few days. I was advised to not wear any moisturiser in the lead up however foundation / make up was okay. My skin felt refreshed and super clean.

Before SkinCeuticals Facial

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The treatment…
On the day of the treatment I had to work, so make up was essential for me but I made sure to bring my face wash and a change of clothes to the clinic so that I could feel more comfortable.

Before we started I had to sign the informed consent forms to indicate that I read them and was happy to continue, each sheet was very informative and detailed so I knew exactly what to expect. We took some photos before continuing.

Aileen invited me to lie supine on the couch, after getting settled she talked me through the equipment we would be using during the treatment on my face, the laser and radio frequency machines. The Radio Frequency and ultrasound machine, Exilis Elite will deliver controlled thermal heat deep into the layers of the skin. The laser will heat the collagen under the skin which stimulates new growth- in turn you get a better tone and a tighter complexion.

Exillis machineLaser machine

We started with the RF; the applicator has to achieve a minimum temperature which is quite hot, so Aileen works in sweeping motions across my jaw line, cheeks and forehead until we reach optimal temperature, all the time checking the temperature isn’t too hot for me to bear. Luckily the gel used as a base to allow the probe to move more easily is quite cooling so the heat doesn’t feel so bad, I also read that the underside of applicator also provides a cooling sensation to the skin so once it’s moving it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Once we reach temperature the probe is moved in slow sweeping movements on my face and neck line, occasionally more gel is added to allow free movement of the applicator- The RF and Ultrasound was applied for around 30-40 minutes and was almost therapeutic for a while! Once Aileen had finished the RF, she removed the gel and we waited for my face to dry - this allows time to set up the laser machine.

Laser & Radio Frequency
It was the laser which felt more uncomfortable to me, on some areas of my face - especially where the pores are larger, the laser seemed to pinch more which I can only describe as being poked by tiny needles which sometimes feel like they go in a little too far. Aileen started the laser treatment after a 5-10 minute rest from the Radio Frequency and Ultrasound, she didn’t start until I was ready and proceeded after she advised me what sensation to expect. The laser was unlike anything I had felt before however it soon felt normal (no pain) and actually quite a nice feeling. Having never tried a face rejuvenation of this sort before I was quite excited to find out what the result would be.
Imediately before and after the proceedure
Immediately before & after the procedure- noticeably less skin pixilation and my skin was more taught

Immediately post treatment, Aileen applied serums to my face, one after the other. Each serum was SkinCeuticals, the first was a phyto corrective followed by a retexturising activator, I was given two vials of the same for post treatment care. Aileen advised me to use these in place of moisturiser after washing my face which worked out great for me as I was flying the next day so mid-flight I had a quick wash up and re-applied the serums which meant my skin was felt great during the entire flight.

Down to the results! Immediately post treatment my face looked tighter and the complexion looked good – my skin was fine, no redness or sore patches which are possible side effects. The next day as previously mentioned I was scheduled on long haul flight, so I was keen to ensure I was using the serums as instructed. I was able to see the results in daylight, my husband said that there was a noticeable difference (he’s an engineer and calls it as it is!) – my facial fine lines on my brow and the eye’s laughter lines were visibly reduced. Over the next couple of days I followed the instructions given for aftercare and noticed my complexion improving day by day. My skin was much smoother and easier to manage, I felt like my face had a much more supple feel to it and a radiant glow.

For optimum results a course of four treatments is recommended. Now that I know what to expect I’m definitely keen to go and try it again, especially where my face is concerned I’m cautious about trying these non-surgical, non-invasive treatments. However I can honestly say this one is pain free and effective procedure, this is one to try for those niggling fine lines and signs of ageing – which, speaking from recent experience, definitely creep up on us.

Inside Elite Plasic & Cosmetic SurgeryInside Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Second treatment
I won't lie, two weeks after the first treatment and my face feels like new! I headed back, yes back! To Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group for another blast of laser and radio frequency, I'm a little hooked and very intrigued to find out how much more radiant my skin can get. A few days before my second treatment the skin on my face was starting to feel much brighter, tighter and more manageable, the fine lines on my cheeks and eyes are definitely evening out - I've not worn moisturiser now for over two weeks and yet my skin feels super nourished. I discussed this with Aileen and she advised me it's because the collagen is rebuilding and regenerating and every day I will see new results. This instalment will add zap even more collagen, deeper into the dermis and the results should be stronger still. On camera however it's really difficult to see the results because you head into the clinic feeling all awake and bright and then afterwards feeling all sleepy! I can see a difference in my skin complexion with the before photos...

Before and after treatment 2
My complexion was visibly brighter (minus the shine!) before starting the second treatment
Treatment roomTreatment room

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