Review: ZO Facial Treatment in Dubai by Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group |

Review: ZO Facial Treatment in Dubai by Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group

Restore the healthy appearance of your skin with ZO Facial Treatment at Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group in Dubai.

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9 July 2018

Last updated on 20 October 2019
Review: ZO Facial Treatment in Dubai by Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group

Living in the age of social media influencers and celebrities, skin care products have been creating a global buzz in the market amongst consumers. I can certainly relate to this, as now more than ever I’ve been making more effort to feed my skin what it really needs to maintain a healthy, clear ‘glow’.

With my wedding plans in motion for 2019, I’ve made it my mission to find a routine that really works for my sensitive, combination skin and to have a clear, ‘blemishless’ canvas for the big day!

I came across ZO Skin Health products at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery two months ago and I was very intrigued by the extensive research behind it. Developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, the products help maintain healthy skin and provide continuous support for all skin types, genders and ages. Each session can be tailored to your skin to offer you noticeable results and skin support. Combined with professional peels and medical facials, it works to restore the healthiest appearance of the skin - sign me up!

When I arrived at the glamorous clinic for my first consultation and treatment with Elite I was greeted by the friendly staff at reception and offered a drink of choice. I then filled in a skin health form which was then discussed in my consultation shortly after.
My skin is very fair and sensitive, I often suffer from eczema flare-ups around the nose and hormonal breakouts. It has always been a challenge to maintain clear skin and finding a treatment that doesn’t irritate one aspect of my face.

During the consultation, Maria was very knowledgeable about my skin concerns and recommended we start with a Hydration Facial to help rejuvenate and add moisture to my affected areas.

The Treatment



She started with cleaning my skin with a hydrating cleanser which uses pantheon and allantoin to help soothe and repair the skin, cleaning away all dead skin cells.



1. Cleansing was followed by the Exfoliating Polish, which uses fine magnesium crystals to scrub away the dead skin and restore a smoother, fresh layer of skin. I was a bit nervous for this step as my skin is so sensitive, I was worried it may not take the scrub too well. The scrub wasn’t harsh on my skin but had just enough to really feel a deep clean without hurting.

2. The second step in the exfoliation process is the Exfoliating Polish Activator. This is added and massaged into the skin until all the crystals are dissolved, then she gently removed excess with warm moist cotton pads. The main ingredients in this are Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate and Panthenol - all there to help hydrate and replenish our moisture!

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Facial Peel

3. Ossential Peel Prep – This step prepares your skin for the professional peel to follow. Removing the skin’s lipid barrier, it degreases the skin for an enhanced penetration of the peel solution.

4. Ossential Stimulator Peel – She used gauze pads to apply the solution directly to my face, it helps to improve skin texture and tone. Both this step and the Peel Prep had a strong smell to them when applied, but it doesn’t linger for long.

5. Ossential Peel Neutralizer & Extraction Prep – Before this was applied my face was padded dry, she then massaged this directly to the face and neck for 2 minutes before using a blackhead extractor to remove the affected areas across the skin. This extraction process was a little uncomfortable in some areas of the face, but she moved through it quickly and then gently removed the Neutralizer with a warm moist towel.



6. Ossential Aloe Hydra Massage Gel & Masque – This gentle cooling gel was then massaged across my face and neck, then left for 10 minutes to sink into the skin. This step was very cooling and relaxing on my skin, which is just what I needed after the extraction process. Key ingredients of this are Mint Leaf, Aloe Vera, Brown Alge and Sodium Hyaluronate – all acting to reduce redness and replenish moisture to the skin. She then removed with a moist towelette and gently dried my face.

7. To finish off the facial she placed tissue across the face and added a cold pack. This step is important as it helps to close the pores and reduce any further redness or irritations and was very cooling and relaxing.

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Day After Results

Day After Results

Immediately after the treatment, I had noticeable results. I felt instant hydration and moisture to the skin with some selective areas appearing a bit red from the extraction, but this was to be expected due to my super sensitive skin.

The day after my treatment my skin continued to glow and the irritation from the extraction had completely disappeared. I was concerned about how my Eczema would react but I had no flare up the next day and it appeared less affected than it normally does, which was a great outcome for me! My skin felt very smooth and the minor pigmentation I had prior the treatment was also reduced.

I’ve enjoyed these positive results from the Hydro Facial and I’m all booked in for 4 weeks’ time to try another type of ZO Facial treatment with Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Very excited to see the results of our next session!

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Second Facial: Zo Brightening Facial

During the four weeks I went on holiday and ensured my face was regularly protected with stronger sunscreen than I normally use on a daily basis.

Four weeks after my first treatment I head back to the clinic for my second facial. Before the treatment started, an examination was done on my skin to determine my skins condition and what facial would benefit it further. I was asked if I’ve seen any changes to my skin, if I had encountered any problems such as breakouts and if I had changed my skincare routine in any way. As I had been on holiday two weeks prior, I did explain that stronger sunscreen was used on my face for protection, but this was the only alteration during this time.

For my second facial we decided on Zo Brightening treatment as it will help reduce the redness around my cheek bones, further help my skin to retain moisture and over-all brighten up my complexation.

The steps during the treatment were very similar to my previous facial, with the addition of a brightening sheet mask that was placed on my face for 15mins.

I did seem to have a few more blackheads during this facial, which made the extraction process a bit more intense than the previous treatment. We put the increase of blackheads down to the use of more sunscreen and traveling during the four weeks.

Week After Results

This week showed some promising results for my skin. I have noticed the moisture has still retained in my skin and the overall texture of my skin remained a lot smoother.

During the week I did notice a minor breakout appearing around my jaw and chin, however, this was put down to hormones and not related to the facial. Unlike previous breakouts that I’m used to, it was very manageable and it quickly healed.

I’ve had no Eczema flair up during this time and I’ve noticed the affected area has reduced in redness, which is a great start! The pigmentation around my cheek bones has reduced and the rough, dry texture has smoothed out. I’m really enjoying the results from Elites Facials and can’t wait to book in again to keep my skin on good track!

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