Combination Treatments are The Latest Trends in Aesthetic Dermatology |

Combination Treatments are The Latest Trends in Aesthetic Dermatology

Experts at Kaya Skin Clinic shine light on the importance of a combined course of treatment as opposed to a single one

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16 June 2019

Last updated on 16 June 2019
Combination Treatments are The Latest Trends in Aesthetic Dermatology

With all the leading advancements in the cosmetic industry coupled with the increasing awareness in the field of medicine, the time of one solution fits all gradually coming to an end.

As the new age concept of a combination of a variety of treatments takes center stage amongst practitioners and consumers too. Combination therapy is particular type of treatment that combines more than one treatment or drug to treat one underlying issues.

A ‘Multipurpose’ therapy

In the field of dermatology, combination therapy is when more than one treatment is included in one bundle, to treat a patient’s overall aesthetic appearance. The combination of treatment involves both minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment methods.

This approach is based on the fact that a singular treatment cannot offer the same long-term benefits in the long run. A combination of treatments can offer various advantages with the help of dermal fillers, topical therapies, laser therapies and radio-frequency based-therapies, all in one sitting. It’s a ‘multi-purpose’ therapy, if you will.

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Lesser downtime

It’s easy to assume that using multiple treatments will lead to a longer recovery time. However in reality, combination therapy doesn’t come with the burden of added downtime.

Kaya Skin Clinic uses highly advanced technology; such treatments make the recovery process easier to a great extent. The combined effects of multiple treatments have a unique synergic effect that helps to nourish the skin and target the flare ups without any additional extra effort.

The all-inclusive nature of these treatments particularly help benefit the skin that suffers acne flare-ups and also helps targeting the inflammation that comes with it.

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Combination Treatments are The Latest Trends in Aesthetic Dermatology

Less visits to your dermatologist

Being on a tailored to your needs skin journey is what Kaya Skin Clinic aims to offer to all their patients. Everyone’s skin is unique and has multiple needs that demand a variety of treatments and in most cases it is not impossible to receive a number of therapies all in one sitting.

Combination therapy utilizes various products and services together in one go, which saves you time as it doesn’t require you to sit through multiple appointments. What’s even better, the fact that a combination of therapies replace a number of individual treatments, which means that you end saving plenty of time.

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Long-lasting effects

The effects of multiple treatments can be seen for a long time. In fact, based on a research presented at the 2018 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, patients with psoriasis who used an HP/TAZ lotion were reported to have shown faster and more lasting improvement when the combination of this treatment was used for a year.

In the past few years, there has been a rise in awareness about multiple modes of treatments, preference given to improving aesthetic appearance and decreasing costs are all leading to multiple treatments being preferred by patients and practitioners alike.

However its important to know that no two skin treatments are alike. Make sure that you consult your dermatologist before proceeding with a combination of therapies so that both you and your skin get what they deserve.

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