Here’s How You Can Look Youthful Beyond Your Face |

Here’s How You Can Look Youthful Beyond Your Face

Age control goes beyond just taking care of your face

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24 December 2018

Last updated on 5 August 2019
Here’s How You Can Look Youthful Beyond Your Face

Your smile and the beauty of your eyes are your best beauty assets...

Hence it’s only fair to make sure efforts are taken for them to be looking fresh and young, argues Kaya Skin Clinic.

Whilst ensuring that a youthful face aids in elevating your confidence levels, it’s important to remember and take note of the natural ageing process that might take its toll on the rest of your body parts as well.

Common aging signs that your body may show

Certain parts of your body are prone to showing signs of aging like, neck, feet and hands. Skin on your neck for example, may have a different structure than your face. Your neck has a lower number of sebaceous glands, one of the reasons why you fewer pimples/breakouts on your neck, thus making the skin on your neck more prone to wrinkling.

Likewise the skin on your hands and feet are easy giveaways of your age. As there is a very small percentage of fat percentage of fat in your hands and feet, the collagen present in these areas tends to break down faster. This being one of the reasons why your hands are more prone to reflecting the signs of aging i.e. crumpled skin and prominent veins.

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Other parts of your body like your legs, thighs, upper arms and décolletage can also start showing signs of aging like sagging skin because of the decrease in the length in cell telomeres, which shrinks as you get older. Other telltale signs of aging are varicose veins, caused by the wear and tear of your valves. All signs of aging are mostly found on your legs, and sometimes even arms.

Age tends to have effect on your hair as well. With time the amount of hair is determined by your genes, you may seem your strands dwindling, leading to loss of volume and strength. Additionally, plenty of hair follicles also stop producing new hairs.

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Signs of ageing may also travel to regions as well, especially your intimate area. Hormonal changes, childbirth and other contributing factors like weight fluctuations can weaken and stretch out your muscles in the intimate region, making you feel older than you are.

But thanks to modern advances in dermatology and minimally invasive age control solutions, advanced treatments are able to help you restore your youth and give you the needed confidence boost.

Common aging signs that your body may show

Keep a holistic view of anti-aging solutions

An expert dermatologist will be able to recommend the right solutions to combat these telltale signs of ageing.

Hands and feet rejuvenation:

One can restore the look and feel with the help of dermal fillers. Fillers reinstate volume and aid in hiding prominent veins and smoothen out the skin. Microdermabrasian also helps in buffing away the outer layer of dead skin cells, and helping in eliminating age spots and resulting in fresher and youthful looking ski. A combination of Q-switch and micro-pulsed Nd:YAG laser, helps in reducing uneven discoloration, giving a bright and even skin tone.

Smoothing out your neck and décolletage:

An expert dermatologist will be able to offer a combination of non-surgical treatments and help you achieve a slender neck and smooth décolletage. The Nefertiti-lift technique helps you keeping the neck looking taut and firm. Botox can also be used effectively in treating neck bands.

Other solutions include the use of threads, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which further helps in reversing the fine lines and skin laxity of the neck and décolletage area, by promoting the build-up of collagen in the area.

Legs and arms age-control:

Body wraps, which are based on innovative botanical formulas, help rejuvenate the sagging elastic fibers of the legs and arms. Furthermore pressure therapy can greatly help reduce the signs of ageing on your legs.

Body contouring treatments using Radio Frequency can reduce the look of wrinkles and help you achieve a toned appearance on your arms and legs by helping produce collagen under the skin.

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Hair Solutions:

Give your hair a new lease on life with minimally invasive treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Hair Cell activation and Mesotherapy.

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PRP, involves injecting the scalp of platelet-rich plasma, this treatment can increase the thickness in your hair. Mesotherapy is another great option, where vital nutrients are injected directly into your scalp, which activates the dormant hair follicles and help increasing hair volume.

Reconstruction of the intimate region:

Plenty of non-surgical options are available that can help tighten, firm and contour the intimate region. Procedures like Platelet-Rich Plasma and micro-needling solutions like Derma Rollers and Derma Pen can help rejuvenate the intimate the region by inducing the collagen and hyaluronic acid replenishment. Customized blends of fillers and Q-switched laser can help restore the lost volume, which may have occurred due to collagen loss.

Let your dermatologist guide you

When it comes choosing the best age control solutions for your areas other than your face, it is essential to remember that each body is unique and everyone has different treatments to address different body types.

This is where your dermatologist is able to guide you by recommending a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

So the next time you’re looking for age control solutions, know that there is so much more than just your face to staying youthful.

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