The Importance of Hand and Feet Rejuvenation |

The Importance of Hand and Feet Rejuvenation

It’s a known fact that our hands and feet reveal the truth about our age

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12 February 2019

Last updated on 17 February 2019
Hand and Feet Rejuvenation Treatment | Kaya Skin Clinic

Treatments at Kaya Skin Clinic can help you turn back the time by bringing the youthful smoothness, softness and fullness back.

On our quest of anti-aging we often overlook our hands and feet. Our hands and feet tend to reveal the truth about our age, even adding a few extra years if you don’t take care of them.

Signs of youthfulness include soft, smooth hands which are plumped out ad evenly toned. With age our ageing hands and feet tend to look veiny, saggy and bony with uneven pigmentation and wrinkly skin.

Our hands and feet are used to doing the heavy lifting from us, from our daily chores to the excessive hand washing; all have an impact on the appearance of them.

In addition to these factors, stress and strain can also accelerate the ageing process. Furthermore, the excessive exposure to sun also adds to the deadly mix of ageing.

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Main Causes of Ageing Hands and Feet

It’s understandable that the signs of ageing are most apparent on your hands and feet as they are most exposed parts of your body, in addition to your face of course.

As they regularly come into contact with sunlight, pollutants, harsh chemicals and various other environmental factors. However, they are often neglected and are mostly treated with hand/foot cream and that’s all. People are more cautious when it comes to their faces, from sunscreen to adopting an anti-ageing treatments routine early on.

Rather ironic as our hands and feet tend to show signs of ageing much quicker than our faces. This is due to the fact that the skin on our hands and feet is much thinner than our faces. With very little fat; collagen and elastin breaks down much faster and is clearly visible.

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How Ageing Takes Place on Your Hands and Feet

Ageing takes place by tearing away at the support structures beneath the layer of the skin. The fatty tissue layer underneath the skin on the hands and feet loses volume and results in reduced padding, which once was the reason behind the smooth and plumped out skin.

Where the skin was once taut, it’s now thin and loses elasticity much more easily. The skin also loses its ability to retain moisture causing dryness and further being causing hyperpigmentation, and end ups looking splotchy ad uneven.

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Introducing Kaya Hand & feet Rejuvenation

Kaya Skin Clinic provides Hand & Rejuvenation Solutions that help you turn the time back on the effects of ageing with a combination of procedures.

The treatments focus on restoring fullness under the skin, regaining the elasticity ad rejuvenating the skin.

Kaya offers customized solutions based on your individual needs and focuses on techniques and treatments that will cater to those needs.

Experts at Kaya have years of expertise and experience and are the region’s largest team of dermatologists working towards devising a specialized approach to an individual’s skin needs.

They combine the use of fillers, PRP with advanced peel formulations and technologies to deliver results that are effective and long-lasting.

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Here’s How the Kaya Hand and Feet Rejuvenation Solutions Work

Restoring Fullness: Losing fullness to the effects of ageing can be replaced with the help of dermal fillers, typically Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural plumper. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural structural component of skin, which is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. This dermal filler has a amazing quality of attracting as well retaining moisture. Experts at Kaya fill the hollows found between the tendons and veins, thus making the hands and feet appear plumped up, softer and fuller.

Bring Back Elasticity: To increase skin elasticity and retain the power of dermal fillers, it’s imperative to stimulate the production of collagen. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a solution that rejuvenates and increases the significance of healthy new tissue and collagen produced in an effective and gradual manner. It uses your body’s own natural regenerative qualities to reserve visible signs of ageing.

Skin Rejuvenation: Carboxy Therapy combined with skin peels helps in targeting photo-ageing and wrinkles. It helps in reversing the effects of hyperpigmentation spots, and resulting in youthful even skin tone, whilst also reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

What to Look Out For

The effects of the above treatments are almost instant and your hands and feet will start to look more youthful from the first session. And with time there will further improvement as your body’s own rejuvenation mechanism works its magic over the course of treatment.

Your dermatologist will provide advise you on the follow-up sessions that are require to maintain the youthful look of your hands and feet.

What Results to Expect

Each treatment and therapy comes with its own post-session effects and aftercare requirements. A minimum of 3-6 sessions are required to achieve the optimal results, followed by maintenance sessions to maintain the youthful results.

Minor redness for a few minutes can be expected after peels and flakiness can last for about a week post treatment. Generally 3-6 sessions are required to achieve desired results.

It’s also important to note that a regular skincare regime like keeping well hydrated and using sunscreen is required to keep them in best shape.

Your dermatologist can best guide you and recommend the required follow-up care and products that can be used after each treatment.

Why Choose Kaya Skin clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the leading international chain that offers advanced skincare solutions for both women and men. Here is why Kaya Skin Clinic should be your first choice:

  • Using only top quality FDA/MOH approved products
  • Service administered by Doctors
  • Skin practitioners who go through training of 500 hours before they become certified to perform a service
  • Hygiene and safety; new syringe every three pricks, cleanliness and comfort of the treatment room
  • Open the fillers in front of you and give you the filler sticker
  • Ambience and comfort (A feeling of luxury and science combined)
  • 15 years of credibility in the region
  • Price you pay, is totally worth it
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