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Review: Pressure Therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic

Our Group Editor tried and tested the treatment - here's her verdict

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27 February 2019

Last updated on 21 March 2019
Pressure therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic review

Want to give your body some TLC? One of Kaya's Body Solutions treatments is a great place to start...

As Kaya themselves reminds us, a beautiful body is always a work in progress. For 2019, I've made a resolution to start looking after myself, my health, skin and body much better than I have been doing in adult life. Myself is definitely a work in progress right now.

But while I can monitor what I eat, my exercise and my lifestyle, I've never been so sure on what to do to my body to help its appearance and reverse any damage.

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As an ex-smoker, ex-alcohol drinker and ex-fast food addict, changes in my lifestyle are certainly starting to show - for the better. To help complete my "self love" resolution however, I turned to Kaya... Specifically, their body solutions.

What are Kaya Body Solutions?

Kaya's body solution treatments take a holistic approach; and they integrate multiple treatments to help prevent or resolve concerns on your body. Be it localised fat, skin laxity, cellulite and edema or water retention. Their treatments also help to rejuvenate skin that is compromised by poor circulation.

The leading skin clinic offers an array of treatments; DNA mapping, pressure therapy, Cryotherapy and Multipolar Radio-frequency. All can and aim to help with cellulite reduction, body reshaping, skin tightening, double chin reduction, skin rejuvenation and edema reversal.

What is pressure therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic?

One particular treatment that I was keen to try was the pressure therapy. It seemed to be the one that suited my needs best.

Pressure therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting elimination of waste products and strengthening the immune system. Better lymphatic drainage helps to eliminate body fat and cellulite, and reduce edema or water retention. Your skin tone also improves, while any varicose and spider veins you may have will be diminished.

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I underwent the pressure therapy treatment - a.k.a. a lymphatic drainage massage - for the lower half of my body, which involved my legs and abdomen. I must admit I do have some problem areas; particularly around the stomach area, which I will take any help I can get to reduce.

Not only that, but thanks to age and weight increase, I have some cellulite and stretch marks around my buttocks and upper legs.

Thankfully, the pressure therapy treatment targets all of these issues - as well as providing assistance with water retention and skin tone.

Pressure therapy review at Kaya Skin Clinic

Pressure therapy at Kaya - tried and tested

To complete my treatment, I headed to Kaya's newest clinic at JBR. The clinic was spotless as ever, and their team is always welcoming and ensure you're made comfortable after your arrival. Whilst waiting for my treatment room to be ready, I was treated to cup of green tea in the ladies-only waiting area.

My treatment room was upstairs in their new JBR clinic, and as with all Kaya clinics, there's various options available to personalise your room to make it as comfortable as possible - from the colour of the lights, light dimming, TV volume and channel, individual A/C controls, a storage cupboard for your belongings (with a safe inside), a sink and even your own iPad so you can catch-up on Netflix during your treatment.

For the pressure therapy, I had two ladies working together. The first step was dry body brushing, after which a Arosha body wrap was applied.

This body wrap consists of several different ingredients, each with their own objective;

  • Dead sea salts: to help with draining action and give tonicity to the tissues
  • N.M.F: which drains and moisturises
  • Caffeine: optimal against cellulite
  • Escina: helps draining action and improves blood circulation
  • L - Carnitine: stimulates the body to use the fats causing their reduction
  • Phosphatidylcholine - natural molecule extracted from soy similar to subcutaneous fat
  • Bromelinae / Bromelain - a proteolytic enzyme that contains pineapple stems - helps to eliminate excess liquids, and stimulates cells and collage regeneration
  • Guarana extract - combats excess weight, edematous cellulite and water retention

Once I was wrapped up with the infused Arosha tissue body wrap, cling film was applied to lock-in the solution for maximum effects. I was then transferred to the bed, and what I can only describe as a sleeping bag was then wrapped around my legs and abdomen.

The suit and machine work by following the principles of lymphatic drainage - the suit applies a wave of pressure to the sub-dermal tissue in the targeted areas. It starts at the base of the limps, and works upwards towards the body and replicates the blood pumping action of veins in your legs, arms and torsos.

The sensation promises to be similar to a relaxing massage - and that I can vouch for!

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Whilst the suit was funny-looking, the entire treatment was extremely comfortable. I had to lie down during the procedure for 30 minutes, during which I was able to catch up with my latest episode of Dynasty.

The best part? After the treatment has completed, there's no need to shower. In fact, you can walk out of Kaya Skin Clinic in less than 10 minutes of finishing pressure therapy.

Pressure therapy review at Kaya Skin Clinic
Pressure therapy review at Kaya Skin Clinic

Results of pressure therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic

The results were instantaneous - I headed home after the treatment with the solution still on my legs and body, allowing more time for it to soak in. In fact, I wasn't able to shower for up to 12 hours after the treatment to ensure that it achieved the maximum effects.

Immediately I could see the increased firmness in my skin, and my legs were super, silky smooth! As I'm embarking on a weight loss journey, this treatment is definitely a great way to enhance my appearance externally. I highly recommend.

How much does pressure therapy cost at Kaya Skin Clinic?

Prices vary depending on an individual's needs and desired results; this is because the number of sessions allocated may vary as per the Dr's recommendation, or you may undergo pressure therapy as part of a sequence of other treatments offered as part of Kaya Body Solutions.

For a consultation at Kaya for pressure therapy, simply press click to contact below!

Why Choose Kaya Skin clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the leading international chain that offers advanced skincare solutions for both women and men. Here is why Kaya Skin Clinic should be your first choice:

  • Using only top quality FDA/MOH approved products
  • Service administered by Doctors
  • Skin practioners who go through training of 500 hours before they become certified to perform a service
  • Hygiene and safety; new syringe every three pricks, cleanliness and comfort of the treatment room
  • Open the fillers in front of you and give you the filler sticker
  • Ambience and comfort (A feeling of luxury and science combined )
  • 15 years of credibility in the region
  • Price you pay, is totally worth it
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