Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic |

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic

We tried the much talked about and sought-after Skin Cell Activitation treatment at Kaya - here's our verdict

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20 June 2019

Last updated on 24 June 2019
Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic

It’s no secret that most of us women strive for clear, even toned skin that shows minimal-to-no signs of ageing.

Sometimes surface creams and cleansers don’t quite make the cut, and it could take a more specalised treatment to give us the results we’re looking for.

We tried out Kaya Skin Clinic’s Skin Cell Activation Treatment with Gold Stamp, and the results are impressive!

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This revolutionary treatment aims to improve the look of scars, uneven skin tone and boost collagen. Resulting in youthful, plump skin that looks and feels rejuvenated.

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic

Specialized Stem Cells

The science behind this treatment really makes it groundbreaking in the skincare world and a must-try for any skincare lover.

In our youth, specialised stem cells travel from the body’s bone marrow which then manages the over all skin rejuvenation process. As we get older, this process begins to decline and as a result you’re likely to see inflamed skin, wrinkles and unwanted sun spots.

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I visited the Kaya Clinic Al Barsha branch, situated in Barsha Heights with easy parking access. The clinic itself is well kept and clean, featuring separate male and female waiting areas. The reception staff are very friendly on arrival and attentive to offer you a drink.

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic

Skin Analyst Camera

We started with a skin consultation, where the Doctor reviewed my health history and then took professional images with their Skin Analyst Camera (Skin Observe)

This was an important step for the Doctor to examine my skin health and discuss what treatments I would benefit from to treat my affected areas.

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To round off my consultation I was recommended alterations in my current skincare routine to help me achieve the results I want.

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic


To begin, I was introduced to their treatment room which featured a state-of-the-art control panel which enabled you to change the temperature and lighting colour of the room to suit your mood. The room featured a TV, with access to Netflix channels to keep you entertained throughout your treatments.

They began the session by cleaning my face and applying a numbing cream. The cream took about 15 minutes to take effect, which was then cleaned off whilst Dr Maha explained the treatment and the tools she will be using.

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic

Gold Complex Stampler

This treatment is similar to Microneedling, but with a twist. The device itself is plated with 24K Gold and is precisely imprinted across your face by the Doctor. The Gold Complex Stamper penetrates the layers of the skin, injecting a cocktail of plant derivate stem cell solutions evenly to the lower layers of your skins surface.

The session itself took a further 15 minutes and didn’t hurt at all, the only sensitive area was mainly my forehead. Once the treatment was complete she applied a cooling serum over my skin to reduce irritation and lock in all the goodness from the session.

Dr. Maha explained that I could see some peeling in the coming days and talked through general aftercare that I should adopt in the next day or two.

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic


There’s no doubt, I looked like a tomato after the treatment – thanks to my sensitive skin! However, it didn’t take long for the initial affects to subside and reveal a plump clear canvas about an hour later.

Second day after the treatment I began to see very minor peeling across my face, which was expected. It was manageable with decent moisturiser - applied morning and night.

I have noticed my skin's texture has become smoother and the appearance of spot scarring has reduced. My skin overall feels plump and looks healthier.

This is a treatment that you would really benefit from multiple sessions to really see and feel the long-term benefits, however from a first treatment I’m very impressed with the results. I would recommend this to all skin-types, in particular I would suggest to individuals who are experiencing with uneven skin tones, facial scars and early-to-mid signs of aging.

Review: Skin Cell Activation at Kaya Skin Clinic
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