Breast Reconstruction in Dubai Explained By a Consultant Surgeon |

Breast Reconstruction in Dubai Explained By a Consultant Surgeon

We take a look at Autologous Fat Transfer and how breast surgery can help you refine breast reconstruction after either a full mastectomy or breast-conserving

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4 February 2021

Last updated on 7 February 2021
Breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai | Mediclinic City Hospital

Here is what you need to know about breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai.

For many women who have undergone breast cancer surgery either full mastectomy or breast-conserving, going back to normal life and achieving a sense of wholeness is an important aspect for a complete recovery. 

The aesthetic appearance of the breast has an impact on the psychological well-being of women following breast surgery. For this reason, a successful breast reconstruction leads to a healthy and sometimes better acceptance of the new body shape, with a positive impact on health, perception of femininity, as well as ultimately better outcomes.

What is Autologous Fat Transfer?

The Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) technique is a type of breast reconstruction that consists of the aspiration of adipose tissues (liposuction) usually from the abdomen and upper thighs and its relocation to breast sites, after careful purification (filtration).

This procedure, performed by specifically trained oncoplastic breast surgeons, allows to refill breast volume and to correct asymmetries and irregularities that may occur after breast-conserving surgery.

AFT improves the cosmetic outcome after radiotherapy and gets rid of those contour irregularities that often bother the patient. It is considered an important adjunct procedure in breast reconstruction surgery and can also be done after mastectomy with implant-based reconstruction as it allows to correct any imperfection that may be present around the implant (breast prosthesis). It improves the overall outcome, giving the surgery the finishing touches.

AFT is a widely accepted method to decrease breast deformities and has proven to be safe over the last few years. 
This technique has been widely used across the best breast units in the world and has become a well-established method that is successfully helping women achieve better results and help them restore their confidence and move on to healthy life after cancer.

At Mediclinic City Hospital's breast unit, AFT is now offered under the care of Dr. Veronica consultant breast oncoplastic surgeon, who as per the individual needs and condition of the patients, plan and discuss this option.

Dr. Veronica Grassi

Dr. Veronica Grassi
Consultant Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon
Mediclinic City Hospital

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