How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon in the UAE |

How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon in the UAE

Top 7 tips for choosing a safe, trusted, and experienced plastic surgeon in Dubai and the UAE

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14 February 2024

Last updated on 20 February 2024
How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon in the UAE

Plastic surgery is one of the most in-demand medical specialties in the UAE.

The specialty can be divided into three main subspecialties: reconstructive surgery, aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery, and hand surgery.

The number of people seeking cosmetic procedures has risen, up from 223.507 in 2020 to 583.909 in 2022 according to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Here are 7 important tips to consider if you are wondering how to choose a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai.

1.) The Right Training

Plastic surgery includes 6 years of medical school followed by 6 years plastic surgery training and followed, in some case, by 1 or 2 years of fellowship training in a subspecialty.

Botched plastic surgeries

In recent years, there have been several reports of unfavourable and adverse events following plastic surgery procedures performed by physicians not trained or not board certified in plastic surgery, maxillo-facial surgery, ENT surgery or a subspecialty like facial plastic surgery or hand surgery.

"Many of these surgeons have not gone through a surgical residency and are not qualified to become certified by a national surgical board," said Dr. Martain Pierre Jean Loonen, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Mediclinic Dubai Mall.

"Complications can happen with any type of surgery; however, confirming your surgeon is board certified serves as a warranty for the type of training your surgeon has received and the type of exams he/she needed to successfully pass, in order to receive that certification," he advised.

How to choose a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai and UAE

2.) Board Certification of the Surgeon

"A medical license within a certain country does not mean that the surgeon is competent to perform the procedures they advertise," explained Dr. Martin.

"There is often no legal requirement for a surgeon to be specifically trained in the procedures they offer. This problem is most acute in the area of cosmetic surgery, as many doctors with for example general surgery or other medical training perform cosmetic surgeries in pursuit of greater profits," he continued.

Ask your surgeon if he or she is board certified and has a Dubai Health Authority specialist or consultant plastic surgery specialty license.

Dubai Health Authority licensed plastic surgeons in Dubai

3.) Surgeon's Experience in Specific Procedures

Each area of plastic surgery requires different skills and expertise.

A hand surgery or rhinoplasty surgery needs different surgical skills and anatomy knowledge of bone, cartilage compared with a surgeon operating a breast with mainly soft tissue handling.

Choose a surgeon who has substantial experience in the procedure you are considering by asking the following questions:

  • How many years has the surgeon performing this procedure?
  • How many times has the surgeon performed this type of procedure?
Top tips to choose a safe plastic surgeon in Dubai and UAE

4.) Individual Aesthetic Sense of the Surgeon

Beauty is an individual preference and surgeons may apply their own aesthetic preferences to the results they would like to achieve for their patients.

Evaluating the surgical outcomes of the surgeon through before and after pictures or discussing the results of former patients or friends is recommended.

Patients should be aware that some pictures on social media may be manipulated with filters to achieve an optimal looking result.

Evaluate pre- and postoperative pictures of patients who have comparable anatomical features and procedures performed.

Evaluate the pictures of breast surgeries of patients with comparable age, breast and thorax shape, and asymmetry of the breasts.

The same applies to facial procedures with comparable laxity of the skin and neck and nose shape. Look for consistency of the surgical results of a surgeons.

How to pick a safe cosmetic surgeon in Dubai and UAE

5.) Feeling Comfortable with the Treatment Team

You need to feel comfortable with your surgeon and their support team.

Choose a surgeon whom you like and trust completely with your safety and results. Make sure that all your questions were answered and meet the members of the team (for example, the nurse staff and patient coordinator).

6.) Evaluate the Operating Facility

A lot of surgeries are performed outside the clinic where the initial consultation was performed.

Ask your surgeon where they perform your surgery and find out that facility’s level of accreditation (for example, the Joint Commission International accreditation).

Meet with the anesthesiologist who will perform the anesthesia during your surgery and evaluate the qualifications of the anesthesiologist.

Top tips to choose the best plastic surgeon in Dubai and UAE

7.) Evaluate the Postoperative Emergency Contact

Clinics are in general closed in the evening hours and may have specific hospital arrangements for emergency situations after working hours which may have financial implications in case such an agreement is not present.

Study the financial details of your treatment in case of complications and emergency admission.

Authored by Dr. Martain Loonen, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Mediclinic Dubai Mall.

Dr. Martain Loonen is a board certified consultant plastic surgeon from Belgium with more than 15 years of experience in the plastic surgery field with a surgical practice in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He is specialized in Aesthetic Body, Breast and Hair Loss treatments, Reconstructive, Hand and Dermatological procedures.

He has a special interest in revision surgery of cosmetic procedures. Ethical care with an honest surgical opinion is his motto.

For consultation with Dr. Martain Loonen, please get in touch below.

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