How the Tongue Can Indicate Your Health |

How Your Tongue Can Be an Indicator of Your Health

Experts at ConfiDent Dubai Palm shine a light on signs that indicate bad tongue health...

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29 September 2019

Last updated on 30 September 2019
The Tongue Can be An Indicator of Your Health

Did you know? The tongue can be an indicator of your health...

Patches, bumps, and spots on the tongue can appear because of stress, infectious disease, gastrointestinal issue, endocrine system issues, aging, medication intake, etc.

Just looking at your tongue, the dentist can detect if the patient is smoker, tobacco chewer, autoimmune deficient or has a benign/malign condition.

The dentists at ConfiDent Dubai Palm are advising to check your tongue in the mirror time to time, also the regular dental checkups (every 6 months) to reveal or prevent any upcoming tongue findings.

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Signs and characteristics of your tongue

Here are the signs and characteristics of your tongue to watch out for, that are associated with different health conditions...

Halitosis (bad breath)
Poor oral hygiene, food debris and dental bacterial plaque accumulate on the teeth and tongue, can cause caries and periodontal diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis that results in bad breath. Other dental-related “conditions” are orthodontic appliances, endodontic, surgical factors, removable dentures, and fixed prosthetics.

Medical conditions that are associated with halitosis are Diabetes, respiratory system diseases, gastrointestinal issues, Hepatic diseases, Hematological diseases, Sjorgen’s Syndrome, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Medication intake such antidepressants, anti-psychotics, diuretic, and anti-hypertensive.

Change of color (bright pink , smooth)
A change of colour in your tongue can indicate a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Loss of tongue papillae is associated with loss of taste, and 50% of people suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency have smooth shiny tongue.

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Change of color (dark brown)
This means that there is excessive coffee and tobacco usage, and/or antacid that contains bismuth (medication used for gastroesophageal acid reflux).

White patches / coating
This indicates a yeast infection called also oral thrush. It is caused by Candida Albicans, a small amount of this bacteria live normally in our mouth, but as soon as it starts to grow uncontrollably it causes trouble. It appears often in infants, toddlers, and adults with a deficient immune system. Characteristic for oral thrush is creamy white bumps of cheeks, tongue, and tonsils; slight bleeding when the bumps are scraped, bad taste in the mouth, angular cheilitis.

Sore patches
This can indicate having a cold/fever, after accidentally biting your tongue.

Severe dry mouth
Signals diabetes, blood pressure medication, diuretics intake, or an allergy.

Unusual growths
Generally, these indicate the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus, an oncological condition that should be medically treated and managed after visiting your GP.

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