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Don't Want Wired Braces This School Year? Check Out the Clearer Option

For a limited time only, students can enjoy a major discount on invisible braces with Dr. Joy Dental Clinic's back to school offer

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15 September 2019

Last updated on 13 January 2020
Don't Want Wired Braces This School Year? Check Out the Clearer Option

Quick! It's a whopping AED 8,000 off!

Straight and clean teeth are any student's dream, especially in this well-connected digital age where school photos will follow you anywhere. But, most of the time, that would mean getting orthodontic treatment where a professional dentist will rearrange misaligned teeth using braces. Yep, those tiny metal and often colourful pieces stuck on your teeth.

If you're considering straightening your child's teeth and want to skip the awkward brace-face days in school, there's a super easy and discreet crooked teeth treatment that's practically invisible to everyone else. Invisalign offers students the luxury of moving away from conventional braces by using transparent and removable plastic aligners that have to be worn to ensure your teeth arrange into the right places.

For the new scholastic year, Dr. Joy Dental Clinic is offering students the best discount in town for Invisalign braces.

Offering numerous benefits and convenience, read on to find out why invisible braces are the right pick for your child.

Benefits of Invisalign for Children and Teenagers

Ahead, we've compiled the 8 advantages of using Invisalign for children and teenagers.

1. You can use Invisalign for life

Aside from aligning crooked teeth, Invisalign helps protect those chompers at night from grinding during sleep. They add an extra layer of protection as a mouthguard during sports.

2. Improved speech and pronounciation

Our ability to pronounce words clearly largely depends on the position of your teeth. When it's misaligned, children may have difficulty pronouncing certain words, whistle a bit while speaking, or have a lisp.

3. Easier to eat with

No restrictions when you eat. Unlike wired braces which you can't remove yourself, Invisalign can be removed anytime. You can't have gum or eat food that's hard to chew when using conventional braces, but children can simply remove Invisalign and eat whatever they want.

Bits of food that may get stuck in between teeth will also be a lot easier to remove unlike with regular braces.

4. More comfortable for children and teenagers

Kids and teens may experience pain with traditional braces as the wired ones can scratch and tear on the sensitive tissue of cheeks and lips, and the pressure of the metal and wires to move the teeth often causes major discomfort. Invisalign braces are especially made to reduce the pain students may experience when the teeth are being aligned and its smooth plastic design doesn't cause any scratches and tearing.

5. Helps with jaw, facial, and neck pain

Wearing Invisalign helps children relieve sore facial muscles from teeth grinding and TMD symptoms.

6. Less follow-ups with the dentist

Wired braces require visiting the dentist every month to get the braces fixed based on the child's most recent teeth alignment. This may result in additional dentist charges for every new appointment, whereas with Invisalign you won't need to visit the dentist as often. The transparent aligning trays come with a set and a new Invisalign tray can be put on after two weeks.

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7. Less maintenance

Metal braces are fixed in your mouth and they're quite hard to clean, leading to poor oral hygiene. Invisalign trays are removable so students can brush their teeth and wash their transparent braces using lukewarm water.

8. Well-aligned and straight teeth

Of course, while some might opt for braces because of aesthetic reasons, having straight, well-aligned, and clean teeth is just the icing on top of all the fantastic healthy teeth benefits your child will enjoy.

Looking for Invisalign that's best suited for children and teenagers? Head over to Dr. Joy Dental Clinic to avail their fabulous Invisalign back to school offer and bring out your child's lovely smile with less hassle. Better hurry up, it's a limited offer that's only valid until September 30, 2019.

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