Review: Cleaner and Eight Shades Whiter with Dr. Joy! |

Review: Cleaner and Eight Shades Whiter with Dr. Joy!

Because oral hygiene is never complete without a set of pearly whites...

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24 August 2017

Last updated on 13 January 2020
Review: Cleaner and Eight Shades Whiter with Dr. Joy!
I had been meaning to get my teeth whitened for a while now, as being an ardent drinker of coffee as well as a social smoker, I was left with a set of teeth that had definitely seen better days! So when a friend recommended I try Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, I didn't think twice and jumped at the opportunity. Dr. Joy Dental Clinic on Al Wasl Road is the easiest location to get to. Parking is very easy too on the side slip road.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the friendly reception staff and given the form to fill in for my previous dental history. I was introduced to Faith and we discussed my past dental history, shortly followed by an examination of my teeth and the bad plaque buildup which was in serious need of attention. She explained that the gum receding is due to plaque buildup and that I should have my teeth cleaned every 3 months as I love my coffee and also smoke. Faith gave me some tips on cleaning my teeth as to use a sensitive toothpaste and the angle my brush so I can get deeper into my gum line. Also, to put some tooth paste on my gum line when I go to bed. 

We started the procedure by cleaning my teeth, removing all the buildup of plaque using a high-pressure nozzle which can be a bit messy but I had been well covered with protective glasses on too! A small amount of numbing cream was then applied - it tasted like toothpaste to me-  in case there are any sensitive areas. Although most people, including myself, detest the sound of the tooth-cleaner, it actually works wonders cleaning the tartar and plaque from the teeth. 
Once all my teeth were tartar and plaque free, Faith then started to polish my teeth in preparation for the whitening. As mentioned I had the protective glasses on so any splatter did go into my eyes, although I like to keep my eyes closed. I love that they pay special attention to little things like these at Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, which immediately took the edge off the general phobia of visiting the dentist that most people have. 
We then moved on to the whitening phase, and I was already restless to see the results! We did 3 sessions of 15 minutes each. I was warned that I may feel some sensitivity as I had just had my teeth cleaned.  A gel was applied to my gums to protect from the whitening procedure. 
As we started the first 15-minute session, there was music in the background to keep me occupied and my toes twinkling to the music. At the end of the first session, I experienced absolutely no sensitivity! This is great I thought and moved on to our next session. I must admit I was feeling a little tingle in some of my front teeth but not painful at all. Also, the fact that I have the funny mouth guard to keep my lips open made me want to laugh as I could imagine how funny I may have looked.  With the third session too, there wasn't a huge difference in pain, just a little tingle every now and then on my front teeth, however, I was assured that this can be common as front teeth are thinner than the rest of our teeth. 
Once we were done, I was shocked to see the result! My teeth were literally 8 shades lighter than when we started. This is stunning. I am so happy with the results. It does not look false or over white at all, my teeth look clean and super healthy. 
As an aftercare procedure, Faith has given me a small tube of toothpaste to use at home for sensitivity and not to consume anything staining like coffee and tea! A light meal such as soup (but not tomato soup) will also be better than a huge meal that includes a lot of colour and needs to be chewed as some people might still encounter some sensitivity. Faith has also given me after-care gels in little syringes to use at home with my silicone trays which are shaped for my teeth. Using these will continue to and even lighten my teeth by another shade or two! Overall, I am very happy with the treatment and will definitely recommend to everyone who's looking to get their teeth whitened. 
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