Top 5 Reasons You Should Straighten Your Teeth as an Adult |

Top 5 Reasons You Should Straighten Your Teeth as an Adult

Your smile is your greatest accessory and along with all the other things that creates your personality...

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4 May 2017

Last updated on 13 January 2020
Top 5 Reasons You Should Straighten Your Teeth as an Adult
Crooked teeth can cause a decline in oral hygeine as gaps or overlaps are common breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs. Whether you're a child or an adult, oral hygiene should always remain a top priority. Read below the 5 top reasons as shared by Dr. Joy Antony, Specialist, Orthodontist  on why you should straighten your teeth.

1) Stay on top of the game

In a highly competitive world, research has shown that people with a good smile are more likely to be hired and have a higher earning potential as compared to people with a poor smile. Your smile is your greatest accessory and along with all the other things that create your personality, adding a brilliant smile can further you in your professional and personal life.

2) Look Younger

As we age, teeth get worn out, become more yellow and the lips start moving back making you look older. Straight teeth make it easier to brush and floss effectively leading to better oral hygiene. There is less plaque build up and therefore, less risk of cavities and tooth decay. The gums are healthier too with lesser chances of developing gum diseases. An Orthodontist can easily align your teeth and enhance your facial appearance.

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3) Invisible Treatment Options instead of braces

Unlike in the past, adults can choose from Invisible treatment options to straighten teeth such as Invisalign and Lingual Invisible braces.
Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners which are virtually invisible to straighten your teeth. Moreover, it does not interfere with your lifestyle and you can eat whatever you want. With Invisalign there are so many providers but with different levels of expertise. It is important that you choose the right provider to get you the best results which last for a lifetime. We are among the top providers of Invisalign in Dubai and you can check our status in the Invisalign Doctors Locator.
Lingual Invisible braces are custom-made for the patient from Germany. It can correct the most complicated cases and is totally invisible as they are bonded behind your teeth.

4) Faster Treatment Using New Technologies

The biggest concern for adults about Orthodontic Treatments is the time it takes. Now, we use the latest techniques such as Acceledent device and Propel to hasten the treatment and reduce the duration by 40-50%. Acceledent is an intraoral device that produces micropulses or vibrations speeding up the remodelling of the bone and accelerating tooth movement. All you have to do is bite on the device for 20mins every day. Propel is a device used to create small microporosity in the bones, thereby stimulating the bone cells and accelerating tooth movement.

5) No More Gooey Impressions

With the introduction of intraoral scanners we can now avoid the gooey impressions which are part of Orthodontic treatment. Our Umm Suquiem branch was one of the first clinics in Dubai who introduced the intraoral scanner and our patients love it.
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