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Why, What & How: Pediatric Dental Treatments under General Anesthesia

At Dr. Michael’s Children's Dental Center, we welcome a lot of young patients with very different needs and behaviors

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15 August 2018

Last updated on 15 August 2018
Pediatric Dental Treatments under General Anesthesia

There are times when some children may need to have their dental treatment performed under general anesthesia to receive comprehensive dental care.

Young children, including those with extreme anxiety uncontrolled with other conscious sedation techniques, and children with special needs are candidates for general anesthesia. They are often best treated while they are asleep using general anesthesia.

The length and extent of the procedure, the level of cooperation and developmental issues all come into play when it comes to delivering excellent quality of care.

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General anesthesia or GA is a safe state of controlled unconsciousness. Your child will be put to sleep while your pediatric dentist performs the dental work.

The anesthesia will be carried out by a licensed anesthesiologist who will monitor your child during the entire course of the procedure.Your child will be unconscious, free from pain and will be unaware of the treatment.

Listen to what parents say about their children’s experience with dental treatments performed under general anesthesia.

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