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Enjoy a Summer Vacation Without Any Dental Emergency

Experts at Drs. Nicolas & Asp shine light on how to deal with dental emergencies prior to your summer vacation

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23 June 2019

Last updated on 23 June 2019
Enjoy a Summer Vacation Without Any Dental Emergency

With summer just around the corner, travel plans are due –how exciting!

Dealing with a dental emergency or requiring urgent dental care is not really an issue you would want to deal with while on vacation. Here are some tips on how to avoid a dental emergency while travelling to guarantee a smooth, fun-filled holiday.

Pay your dentist a visit

Before you get tied up with all your travel preparations, schedule an appointment with your dentist long enough before your travel date. Not only will this prevent running out of time and bailing out on your dentist appointment, but it will also allow you sufficient time for any needed procedures, dental fillings, or treatments.

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Do visit your dentist even if your teeth are totally fine

Oh, how many times have people thought their teeth were perfectly normal and gone on vacation only to be startled with severe dental pain that requires immediate treatment. Going to your dental check-up even if you think there is nothing wrong with your teeth will allow your best dentist to detect any underlying problems early on to guarantee you a hassle-free vacation where you would not have to worry about finding emergency dental care.

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Finish pending treatments

If you have any pending dental fillings, root canals or any other kinds of treatments that you have been putting off. Drs. Nicolas & Asp recommend that you get those procedures done as early as possible before your vacation. This will allow you time to heal and be totally comfortable with your teeth as well as the opportunity to follow-up with your dentist post-treatment if needed.

Summer travel is one of the most exciting – if not the most exciting – times of the year. Make sure you are dentally-prepared by visiting the best dentist in Dubai early enough before your travel date and finishing any pending dental treatments or procedures.

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