At Last A Needle Free Dental Anesthesia Solution For All |

At Last A Needle Free Dental Anesthesia Solution For All

If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone. There are millions all over the world who share the same fears with you.

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30 January 2019

Last updated on 30 January 2019
Needle Free Dental Anesthesia Solution For All

Dentist: Did you feel anything?

The patient: Have you already started?

Indeed, it`s a universal phenomenon. In general, few people look forward to a spell in the dentist`s chair. Actually, people don't look forward to their dental appointment any more than they look forward to their visit to the doctor.

But for some, the thought could be terrifying to the extent that they'll do just about anything to avoid a dental appointment. People with Dental Anxiety tend to have a sense of intense unease amplified with deep worries, when their dental visit is due.

Another more grave form of such apprehension is commonly known as “Dental Phobia” where there is overwhelming fear or dread.

People who unfortunately suffer this aren't merely anxious, they are actually panic-stricken to the extent that they might never seek dental help (except when they are in agony), while others may not sleep the night before.

The paradox is that people with “Dental Phobia” have a measure of awareness that their fears are mostly irrational, but are unable to do much to shake it off.

Some of the most common reasons behind dental anxiety include fears of pain that usually stem from a past painful dental experience or simply from those dental `horror` stories roaming around.

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Also the fear of injections poses as a major challenge for people to overcome!

Many people are scared of needles, especially when that long and `horribly-looking` anesthesia needle is inserted into their mouth. Beyond this needle fear, others fear that the anesthesia effect hasn't yet worked or the dose wasn't enough to eliminate all pain before the dental procedure begins.

And that was precisely the dilemma for all dentists globally! Despite the fact that local anesthesia is indeed one of the most fundamental pillars upon which modern dentistry stands, the local anesthetic needle injection remains perhaps the greatest source of patients` apprehension, anxiety and fear.

Well … The breaking news is that the relentless efforts of scientists and researchers over the past decades to develop a radical solution for applying local anesthesia without using needles are now paying off, and what used to be attributed to the unrealistic realms of science fiction (= expecting to see needle-free anesthesia injections only while watching Star Wars movies) is turning into a reality.

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Global Dentistry is now one huge step closer to making that fearful and dreaded anesthesia needle something of the past, with the introduction of the breakthrough technology of Needle-Free Injection System.

This system is revolutionizing the healthcare industry worldwide by eliminating the need to use painful needles in many healthcare fields inclusive of dentistry. It is a novel way to inject medications and other liquids without actually using a real needle.

This sounds strange, but it`s for real, a proven and effective technology that is available for everyone now.

Dr. Luis Gavin, Dentist, Gum Specialist and Surgeon from Dubai London Clinic, for the first time in UAE, has adapted and developed this system for dental, which originally comes from the medical use of vaccination, and insulin administration in abdomen for Diabetes.

In the exceptionally cosmic field of dentistry, FDA approved & registered Needle Free Injection system, which is proving nowadays a true alternative to needles in a vast list of dental procedures where anesthesia is needed.

In a nutshell, its mechanism of action comprises a small, lightweight, spring-operated device that introduces a measured dose of the anesthetic into the gum submucosa and onto the periosteum (right up against the bone) in the form of an extremely-fine jet of liquid within a fraction of a second using compressed air, again without a needle and without any part of the device penetrating the tissues. It starts acting within seconds; that is, much more quickly than needle-injected anesthetics, and without pain!

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The Needle-Free Injection System brings along a multitude of benefits, the most eminent of which are:

  • The eradication of fear of injections that has been terrorizing an innumerable number of people (children AND grown-ups) all over the globe
  • The application is really painless/pain-free
  • The achievement of an optimum anesthesia effect with a relatively lower dose of the anesthetic and in a more quick way (this is particularly useful for kids (CHILDREN BETTER) as they require less doses of anesthesia)
  • The reduction of numbness sensation after the dental procedure
  • The minimization of infection risks at injection site because of no tissue penetration

Saving the most relaxing for last, young children can be treated with this pain-free technology as they will be pleased with the needle-free injection concept, and the stress for accompanying parents will be also reduced significantly due to the shorter treatment time and a comfortable child.

In conclusion, fear of the dentist visit is common and fear of dental needles and injections is incredibly common. If you count yourself among the fearful, then don't worry.

Thanks to Dubai London Clinic and Dr. Luis Gavin, the all-new Needle-Free Injection System is available here as a safe, effective and proven solution not only for you but also for the millions of people who are needle-phobic worldwide.

Rejoice, you will be spending a more relaxed time in the dental chair and for a lesser duration than before!

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