Selfie Wrist: The Rising Health Hazard of the Digital Era |

Selfie Wrist: The Rising Health Hazard of the Digital Era

Beware; your next selfie could be a painful one!

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29 January 2019

Last updated on 30 January 2019
Selfie Wrist: The rising Health Hazard of Digital Era

Now who doesn't?

Most probably everyone has done it one time or another, and quite so many all over the world are doing it as a daily routine of life; whipping out the cell phone, extending the arm, bending the wrist and snapping a photo or two of themselves.

A universal phenomenon that spread like fire in hey, `taking a selfie` became a trend for the generations that caught up with the evolution of digital technology and internet. Who can resist capturing how he looks and feels at a given moment then sharing it among friends and loved ones?

It`s a helpful way of telling a small story about one`s self; the excitement of the moment, what we`re doing or what we`re at. Nevertheless, everything has a price to pay and the digital technology, inclusive of taking selfies using smart phones, is no exception.

Technology can have a large impact on users' mental and physical health.

Being exaggeratedly connected can cause a long list of mental and physical health issues such as distraction, depression, vision problems, hearing problems, neck strain, and the list goes on.

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The digital era`s most recently warned-of health hazard is dubbed “Selfie Wrist”

It is a term globally used nowadays to describe some selfie-induced consequences in which injuries happen as a result of trying to master a `bombastic` photo.

With the explosion of social media interaction all over the globe nowadays, and with everyone covertly competing to share his `masterpiece` selfie and boast the biggest number of likes and comments, all of us are familiar with the struggle of getting that dreamy selfie; the good lighting, the right angle, the best pose, everything has to be perfect.

However, and as stated before, being perfect nowadays may have a price and here we call it: consequences; painful ones!

It`s no joke when we say that taking selfies may, sometimes, cause more harm than meets the eye. Orthopedic experts all over the world are now raising alarms that the problem known as `Selfie Wrist` is on the rise globally, with more and more selfie lovers` insisting on taking selfies in dangerous angles and environments.

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For instance, there`s a case of a 13-year-old girl who fractured her right distal radius and ulna after falling onto her extended hand when she and a friend attempted to take a selfie while jumping on a trampoline.

This represents just one example for `Selfie-induced` injuries induced by people keen on snapping a selfie in hazardous surroundings such as a trampoline, rocks, high elevations and steps where they are not paying direct attention to their potentially-unsafe environment.

During such incidents, the proprioception (perception of the position and movement of the body) and spatial awareness is poor as all attention is directed towards getting a good or daring photo. Sprains, twists, abrasions, collisions, inflamed wrists, fractures, and up to life-endanger could be eventually the vicious consequences of such incidents.

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Moreover, some orthopedic experts are stepping-up their warning of another form of selfie -induced injuries that manifests itself in the form of numbness and tingling sensations that selfie-takers can experience in their fingers and wrists, which may develop into a sharp pain because of repeatedly & excessively hyper-flexing their wrists inwards to capture a perfect selfie. It`s a form of wrist inflammation; overdoing it, does it!

This brings us to the conclusion: Take note next time you’re reaching out for a snap shot. You don’t want to wind up with an injury that leaves you, painfully, out of selfie action, so keep it up with the reasonable selfie-taking but just be extra-careful while doing it. Also listen to your body; if something hurts, give it a rest. No selfie is worth the pain.

Dr. Kutaiba Salman

Authored by Dr. Kutaiba Salman, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
Hand & Wrist Expert

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