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Stem Cell Therapy is Now Available At This Dubai-Based Clinic

Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital are the first to offer the treatment for erectile dysfunction

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26 February 2019

Last updated on 26 February 2019
Dubai London Clinic erectile dysfunction stem cell treatment

Dethroning the pills and bidding farewell to only treating the symptoms!

Just the thought of it can drive the bravest of men into worry! Erectile dysfunction (weak erection) is a worldwide common health problem affecting the quality of life of men of all ages.

In the past, it was a considered a taboo for public discussion, but it has now gained social and medical recognition as a problem affecting millions of men all over the world.

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Erectile Dysfunction happens when a man repeatedly finds it difficult either to achieve a satisfactory erection or maintain it for a satisfactory intercourse, and by time, even those unsatisfactory erections become less frequent or sparse.

With recurrent dissatisfaction with trials of intimacy, many men tend to shy from trying, for fear of embarrassment and worse; the perception of humiliation. This leaves men with poor-quality intimate life, desperation, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and may ultimately end up with marital relation problems.

Despite the fact that Erectile Dysfunction is a real men`s terror, reaching epidemic numbers (1 out of 10 men globally as some studies claim) and draining them emotionally and psychologically, when complaining men seek professional medical help, most are often prescribed oral medications such as Phosphodiesterase type-5 Inhibitors (e.g. Sildinafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil) that only address the symptoms and are unable to be truly spontaneous in intimacy. Worsening blood flow in the penis, the root cause of the problem, remains untreated with such medications which also come with a considerable list of adverse side effects that may reduce their suitability for some men. In addition, these medications may begin to lose its effectiveness when used continuously.

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As such, scientists have been raising the dust all over the world in their quest for regenerative and more advanced treatments, especially a solution that can address the underlying disease process of Erectile Dysfunction.

And it`s paying off well! The breakthrough Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is steering a great wave of excitement among scientists and professionals all over the world nowadays, with more and more research results showing that men experience a restoration of erectile function as well as healthier and regenerated erectile tissue after receiving the stem cell treatment, and this is through helping to regenerate penile tissue and improve blood flow, the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Stem cell therapy offers a radical solution for men with Erectile Dysfunction because of various causes including penile tissue damage and diabetes, among others. Experts are advocating the efficiency of stem cells, being able to replicate themselves, in naturally regenerating and repairing body cells, replacing damaged ones, and restoring tissues that have been damaged.

Dubai London Clinic erectile dysfunction stem cell treatment

This treatment involves injecting the patients’ own stem cells and growth factors which has the potential to regenerate nerves, blood vessels and erectile tissue to restore erectile function, into the male reproductive organ.

The procedure, done on an outpatient basis, takes only few hours. The stem cells are harvested from the abdominal fat tissue using liposuction. After a purification process through centrifuging, the concentrated cells are collected then injected into the male reproductive organ using a tiny micro needle. The entire procedure is done under only local anesthesia and light sedation, with men reporting only little post-procedural discomfort, slight swelling and temporary redness or bruising that takes but few days to completely resolve.

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Men who undergo stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction usually report noticing spontaneous improvement in erectile function within 4 – 6 weeks, with improvement continuing to build up for 6 – 12 months following the procedure.

This out-patient and minimally-invasive treatment comes with plentiful benefits, the most notable of which are: regeneration of penile erectile tissues and blood vessels (the root cause of Erectile Dysfunction), spontaneously stronger and more sustainable erections, medication-free therapy, utilization of body`s own resources to repair damaged tissue and restore ability to experience a spontaneous and satisfactory erections.

If you’re among those who suffer in silence, now is the time really to do something about it. Revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy is highly effective, minimally-invasive and safe for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Consult your trusted Men`s Health Expert if the problem becomes a nuisance, he definitely can walk you through your most optimum treatment options.

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