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What Every Lady Should Consider Before Deciding on Breast Augmentation

Who said it’s a casual decision...

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2 January 2019

Last updated on 9 January 2019
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Whether you are just curious about it or in the midst of the decision-making process, the scenario is more or less the same

Obsessively searching the internet for information, reading other women`s feedbacks and real-time stories, and most probably losing sleep weighing out the pros and cons of breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation, commonly known as `boob Job` is a surgical procedure designed to not only achieve a fuller breast line, but to make the `boobs` look more symmetrical as well. And as a matter of fact, breast augmentation has undisputedly secured global stardom for the past 2 decades, making it the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure on the planet nowadays.

Being a topic of interest everywhere, the procedure is often gossiped about in a light-hearted manner, but for the women who are considering breast augmentation as a radical solution for their concerns, it can be a way too-emotional decision to make – one that will exert a tremendous impact on their self-esteem, confidence and intimate persona.

Many women looking to undergo a breast augmentation have quite a substantial list of questions, worries, anxiety, and in certain cases, shame over their desire.

No matter what others might try to instill in women`s minds, this is a weighty decision and should be taken with a lot of careful thought put into it, not only focusing on the reasons why you want to have it done, but also the feasibility, the how and what to expect afterward.

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Is Breast Augmentation right for you?

Breast augmentation is a wholly-personal decision.

There are multiple reasons for considering this cosmetic procedure; your breasts may not be symmetrical, you could have lost weight with loss of volume in your bust, you could be grumbling because of diminished breast size with age, you could be saddened by loss of breast tissue because of a previous breast surgery for medical reasons, or simply you could be bothered by the appearance of your `small` breasts and feel unhappy with what you have and crave for more!

Regardless of why you are not satisfied with your breasts, breast augmentation can give you that boost of confidence provided that there is a sensible indication and realistic expectations.

Years ago, there was a `rush` on breast augmentation as a way to achieve dramatic and eye-popping results. But for most women today, the goal of breast augmentation is to increase breast volume, beautify contour and shape as well as improve symmetry.

The artistic trick here is to do so subtly for a very gratifying contour and, most importantly, a natural-looking result that will always be on-trend and never out of style.

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Choosing the right seasoned cosmetic surgeon who masters the latest breast augmentation innovations, trends and techniques, and who can help you achieve a sense of re-found femininity and regain confidence about the body you`re in is fundamental in your journey towards breast augmentation.

Your reliable cosmetic surgeon is your excellent source of trustworthy and clinically-valid information that will help you better understand everything in relation to this procedure. After clinically assessing the existing composition of your breasts, your skin elasticity, and the proportions of your chest and body, he should encourage you to ask every question under the sun about your own anatomy and your ideal options so as to fully understand what your breasts will look like after the procedure.

And once your decision materializes, your trusted cosmetic surgeon will tailor a customized surgical plan that`s set according to your unique measurements, your own personal and body needs.

The takeaway here is not to rush your decision-taking. Women are different, their desires vary and each one has a different physical makeup. Therefore, with thoughtful consideration and thorough planning, breast augmentation could be one of best life decisions you'll make.

Dr. Ibrahim Ashary, MD

Composed with integrity by Dr. Ibrahim Ashary, MD
Cosmetic Surgery Consultant
Breast Surgery Expert

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