Are You Ready To Finally Quit Smoking in 2019 |

Are You Ready To Finally Quit Smoking in 2019

Do you want to give yourself the gift of quitting smoking this 2019?

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6 January 2019

Last updated on 8 January 2019
Quit Smoking in 2019

How many times have you told yourself – “I must stop smoking”

I’ll do it when I’m less stressed, less busy, when the party season slows down, when I get pregnant. We are often in the future, planning for a time that feels right to quit. The thing is we get stuck in planning the right time and not get any further.

How Mindfulness Can help

Mindfulness is a tool that helps us to be present in this moment rather than stuck in the future or the past. One exercise leads you to focusing your full attention on your breath - as it flows in and out of the whole body.

By gently focusing on each breath the space emerges that allows you to notice your thoughts and feelings clearly with compassion. Little by little this new perspective helps you let go of struggling.

The practice helps let go of judgment so that when you have a craving, you can notice if you’re resisting or beating yourself up.

This is a helpful skill on the journey of quitting smoking and preventing relapse. Being in the moment with curiosity enables you to watch things unfold, allowing the possibility of mindfully responding to your cravings and understanding what would be helpful.

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Mindfulness tips to help you get past a craving

  • Stop, take a deep breath, and notice what’s going on right now. How does your body feel? What thoughts are you having? What emotions are here?
  • Take in the experience without trying to change anything.
  • Feel your craving like an ocean wave. Notice it arising and then falling.
  • Recognize the physical sensations in your body associated with the craving. Take a moment to step away from what you’re doing and notice your breathing.
  • Take a walk outdoors. Walk slowly and really focus on being here in this moment – step by step. Notice what you see, hear, and smell and.

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