Discover Women's Health Offers at Medcare |

Discover Women's Health Offers at Medcare

This month Medcare is offering special discounts on women's health treatments

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9 April 2019

Last updated on 12 August 2019
Discover Women's Health Offers at Medcare

One should always visit their care care provider, even if if one is healthy.

The purpose of such visits should focus around the following:

  • Screening for medical issues
  • Assessing one's risk for unforeseen medical problems
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Even if one feels fine, they should still try and aim too see their provider for regular checkups. Such visits can help women avoid any future problems. For instance if one is suffering from fluctuating blood pressure, this can only be figured out if tested regularly.

This month Medcare has a running offer on a 'Well Women Package for women before and over 40 years'.

Medcare's Well Women Package has been designed in a way that offers a comprehensive range of tests, which helps detect disease early on so that they can be treated and cured.

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  • Well Women Package (below 40years) - MWCH - AED5000/
  • Well Women Package (above 40years) - MWCH - AED5500/



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