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Dizziness in Dubai: Where to Get Your Diagnosis and Treatment

Dizziness can spin our world, and it's important to treat this condition in an earnest manner

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5 September 2023

Last updated on 5 September 2023
Tips for managing dizziness according to a Mediclinic doctor

Do you suffer from dizziness?

Dizziness is a distressing symptom and those who have gone through it will testify to this.

The causes of dizziness are also many and span the entire gamut of medical diagnoses.

Therefore, when someone suffers from dizziness, they are not only distressed with the symptoms but also apprehensive about the cause and may develop anxiety since the symptoms can come out of the blue.

Dizziness can be the sign of a more serious condition.

Dizziness can be the first symptom of a potentially life-threatening condition like a stroke, but it could just be a trivial condition which can easily be fixed with one hospital visit.

The repercussions of this condition, including disruption to the sufferer’s personal and professional life, make it important we do not overlook it when we experience dizziness.

Where to get treatment for dizziness in Dubai?

"It is pertinent to note that since dizziness could be a symptom of an underlying pathology," said Dr. Sundarrajan.

It can be a sign of other potentially severe conditions like stroke, neurological conditions, or cardiovascular diseases.

"When diagnosed early, we can hopefully make a big difference to the patients’ lives," he added.

Where to get treatment for dizziness in Dubai?

Treatment of dizziness in Dubai, as with any other condition, starts with getting a proper diagnosis from a health professional. If this is done properly then more than half the work is done.

Often patients do not receive this and are on lifelong medications, constantly living on the edge. A good doctor and medical team will not discount any possibility, however remote it may be, and be supported by state-of-the-art equipment to localise the cause of the dizziness.

"Once this is done then we can treat the patient appropriately, solve the dizziness and reassure the patient," said Dr. Sundarrajan.

Authored by Dr. Sundarrajan Santhanam, ENT Specialist at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital.

Dr. Sundarrajan Santhanam, Specialist ENT at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital Dubai

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