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5 Foods You Should Avoid at Holiday Parties if You’re Pregnant

According to Fakih IVF, an infertility clinic in Dubai, these holiday foods and drinks should be avoided by pregnant women.

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31 December 2017

Last updated on 25 February 2018
5 Foods You Should Avoid at Holiday Parties if You’re Pregnant

If you have been living in Dubai for a while, then like the rest of us you’d be waiting with bated breath for the winter festive season to fast approach. The weather finally cools down and holiday lights begin to sparkle. The festive season brings with it the joy of spending more time with your distant family and friends, and with such reunions between family and friends obnoxiously comes…the festive season feasts.

From indulgent spreads at Christmas parties to lavish feasts at New Year get-togethers,

Undercooked Meats and Raw Eggs

Most people are aware that an undercooked turkey poses a significant risk to everybody, particularly to pregnant women, but other meats that are not cooked appropriately can be unsafe too. Consuming raw eggs builds your risks for food borne diseases, mainly salmonella, which could be destructive to your little one.

Pull your host aside and check on puddings as few of the dishes are made of raw or partly cooked eggs, such as homemade mousse, cheesecake and meringues, as these may increase your risk of salmonella.


It is a drink consisting of rum, brandy, or other alcohol mixed with beaten egg, milk, and sugar. Choose non-alcoholic, store bought eggnogs that have been pasteurized in order to be safe, or, substitute a soy version of this popular holiday beverage.

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Cheese Balls

If you are a cheese lover, then stick to cheese dishes that only use hard, pasteurized cheese such as cheddar. Delicate cheeses, for example, feta, blue cheddar, brie and camembert are frequently unpasteurized and convey a danger of listeria.


Be aware that smoked seafood is yet another potential source of listeria. Avoid Shellfish, including oysters, prawns and mussels as they can cause food poisoning, unless served piping hot. In case, you are enticed by a fish starter, approach your host for a peek at the dish's bundling.

You will need to maintain a distance from any things marked as lox, jerky, nova style or kippered. Here is some uplifting news: You can enjoy snacking on cooked dishes containing smoked seafood, are they are most likely safe to eat, since the heat will kill off any harmful bacteria.

Christmas cake

Fruitcake and different sweets that use alcohol are usually fine because the majority of the liquor consumes off during the cooking procedure. In any case, if the fruitcake has been soaked in liquor after it has been cooked, you should stay away from it since alcohol has been shown to both cause delivery complications as well as increase the chance of birth defects and developmental delays.

Enjoy the Festive Season by choosing the right food. Eat Healthy and a Happy New Year!

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