Are You Looking for Mr. Right to Start a Family? |

Are You Looking for Mr. Right to Start a Family?

It looks like most women will be waiting for a long time, however what they could do while waiting is Freeze their eggs!

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17 July 2017

Last updated on 26 February 2018
Are You Looking for Mr. Right to Start a Family?
In the past, the most common reasons women used to freeze their eggs were their career, undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy etc. 
Today, more and more women are opting for Egg Freezing because they are finding it hard to meet a suitable partner that they want to spend the rest of their life with. 

Therefore, instead of “jumping the broom” with anyone just because their biological clock is ticking they have decided to Freeze their eggs and wait for Mr. Right.

Waiting for Mr. Right
Nowadays, women are far more educated and career-oriented that they are not willing to settle for anything less. With this added criteria in the Mr. Right check-list, it has become even harder and takes longer to find a partner.

Based on a recent research, it looks like most women will be waiting for a long time, however, what they could do while waiting is Freeze their eggs! 

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What is Egg Freezing?

The quality of a woman's eggs, her ovarian reserve, diminishes with age while the reproductive organs maintain their ability to carry a pregnancy. The decrease in quality is relatively gradual until the age of 35, after which the rate increases. When egg quality decreases, the chance of pregnancy decreases and the risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormality increases. Egg freezing offers you flexibility in delaying pregnancy for later in life and allows you to take control of your own biological clock.
What is Egg Freezing?

A recent research shows:

As per the research that was done by university admissions service UCAS, Defying biological timelines, the ability to freeze eggs has enabled 3,676 women in the UK up until 2014 to put motherhood on hold. The situation is expected to continue with 36.8 per cent of women entering higher education last year, compared to 27.2 per cent of men. "These women were unable to find educated men willing to commit to family life - the reflection of a growing, but little-discussed gender trend, with women increasingly outnumbering male college graduates," the report concluded.
Egg Freezing is definitely an expensive process so it should not be taken casually. If you are willing to opt for Egg freezing then it should be done when you are young (before the mid-30s). It’s important for women to realise that even if they freeze their eggs, they can’t stop their biological clocks. For example, if a woman defrosts her eggs in her late thirties or early forties, she’s already at an advanced maternal age. By this time, even if the pregnancy is successful, she is at a higher risk for pregnancy-related complications like miscarriage, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and preterm birth.
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