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Celebrate Women's Day in Dubai With This Special Message from Fakih IVF

Doctors and Specialists at Fakih IVF have a special message for all the strong and beautiful women in our lives. Read on to find out more!

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8 March 2018

Last updated on 8 March 2018
Celebrate the Special Women in Your Life on This Women's Day in Dubai

We live in an age where fewer and fewer topics remain taboo. In today’s world, so many issues are becoming openly discussed and debated for the first time, opening up the possibility for a greater understanding on all sides.

However, despite this, infertility still remains a very sensitive topic, and in many ways still considered taboo. This year for Women's Day in Dubai we asked our male doctors to help us clear the misconceptions of Womanhood and Infertility.

Through awareness, we can build a society that understands Infertility, a society that knows that infertility is just as much a male issue as it is a female issue and that treatment options are readily available and highly promising. This may help eliminate some factors which impact infertility such as stress and leaves more room for hope!

Fakih IVF wishes you a Happy Women's Day!

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