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Expert Advice for Pregnant Women During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Expectant mother? You're no doubt anxious about the current situation

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19 March 2020

Last updated on 19 March 2020

If you're pregnant, you're no doubt extremely worried about the current coronavirus outbreak.

Understandably, between self-isolating, social distancing, and trying to plan for the arrival of your bundle of joy, your anxiety levels may be peaking.

While remaining calm during such a time is easier said than done, expert advice regarding pregnancy and the safety of your health and your baby's during the COVID-19 pandemic can help to settle your mind.

Dr. Samer Cheaib, Consultant OB/GYN at Fakih IVF Dubai shares his thoughts on the newest coronavirus, and its effect on pregnant women.

According to the American College of OB/GYN, pregnant women are not at a higher risk than the general population of falling victim to coronavirus.

"Since this is so new and unstudied, it’s still not completely known whether pregnant women may be more susceptible to the risk of disease, it’s also unclear whether transmission to the fetus occurs, either via the placenta or through breast milk."

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Of course, more research is required to confirm these preliminary findings before any conclusions can be made. It's also too soon to say what method of birth - Cesarean section or vaginal - is safer for a pregnant mother who has contracted the virus.

Though the virus doesn't appear to be vertically transmitted, an analysis on newborn babies from mothers with COVID-19 found that the infection can affect a newborn baby.

Dr. Cheaib adds, "from the few case reports out of China, the virus may have adverse effects on the newborns, causing issues such as preterm labor, fetal distress, respiratory distress, low platelets, abnormal liver function tests, and thrombocytopenia."

For those who must travel he adds “if one must fly, I recommend precautions like hand washing frequently, hydrating, taking prenatal vitamins and vitamin C, and wearing a mask during the flight."

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