Holiday Season can be Difficult for Couples Trying to Conceive |

Holiday Season can be Difficult for Couples Trying to Conceive

Fakih IVF, an infertility clinic in Dubai, discusses what couples who are trying to conceive can do to keep a positive outlook.

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31 December 2017

Last updated on 25 February 2018
Holiday Season can be Difficult for Couples Trying to Conceive

Adapting to infertility stress is difficult regardless of what the season is. However, the holiday season may impose a bigger impact on infertility stress, the society often bombards us with messages about families and children, whether it is seeing other kids dressed in their best attire and ornaments waiting to see Santa, neighbors hanging Christmas stockings and lighting their house for their kids, picnic dinners under the trees etc.

During holiday season, a couple takes that extra burden to struggle with their emotions. One of the most common holiday stressors for a person or couple with infertility is the fact that they are surrounded by children at the holidays, be it their beloved nieces, nephews, and cousins, it doesn't fill the void like a child of their own would.

It is very common to feel stressed during holiday season, so we have put together a list of ways our future parents can deal with and enjoy their holidays:

Prepare enough in advance

In case you are at a family get-together, you know it will not be long until somebody asks you and your partner when you will be having kids. Moreover, if you have been experiencing fertility treatment even after attempting to get pregnant for over a year, that question may not be something you actually want to hear.

The sort of answer you give will rely on how comfortable you feel about discussing your fertility struggles. Select answer that best fits your emotions and your relationship with that person. If someone asks you in a passing manner about your baby plans, you can say something like, ‘we’re working on it, having fun doing it.’

Just to divert them from the topic, but if it is someone you feel comfortable with, you can tell them a little about what is going on. Though some questions can be hurtful, the person asking is probably trying to comfort you so it all depends on the relationship you share with the question asker.

Sometimes it is OK to say NO

If you know, there will be any situation, which can put you into stress, then give yourself permission to say No. Securing yourself and keeping away from upsetting circumstances is all right and is an extraordinary path for you to advocate for yourself. If you are not interested in any event or want to spend time alone with each other, then it is ok to be little selfish and do things that make you and your partner happy.

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Learn how to turn stressful situations into positives

The holidays are frequently the best season to show preemptive kindness by supporting other people. Regardless of whether your skills are creating, organizing, managing, or working behind the scenes, such occasions are an extraordinary time to find a volunteer opportunity that compares to your abilities. Volunteer to plan or add to a fundraiser, sort out a food or gift drive, or serve meals to a nearby homeless shelter.

You'll understand that there is truth to the old saying about giving being better than receiving and the lift you'll get from helping somebody in need will put your psyche in a more positive place. Most importantly ask yourself, what suits you and do not let people guilt you for doing something, which makes you happy.

Be with your support system

Do not hesitate to call your friend or family member, whenever you feel low and speak to them freely discussing about how you are feeling. While you may feel awkward bringing up your infertility battle, your family additionally can be a strong source of help for you.

On the other hand, if you are keeping your fertility treatment or infertility diagnosis to yourself, you might need to consider trusting in a close relative. This can likewise enable you to stay away from awkward questions by others at a party since your confident might have the capacity to run interference for you.

Enjoy the kids in your life

Because you do not have kids of your own yet does not mean you cannot appreciate all the family-friendly fun of the occasions. For a touch of occasion fun, take your nieces, nephews, or companion's kids out for a night on the town. When you have your children close behind, you'll need to think about the majority of the occasions that make these occasions unique for them, including tree lighting functions, parades, Santa meet-and-greets, and festivities. This enables you to get acquainted with what kids love to do during these occasions. Your relatives or companions will be grateful, and you will have a fabulous time rehearsing for parenthood!

Holidays can be the most magnificent time. With an inspirational outlook and some planning, this can be the best Christmas season you have ever experienced. If you concentrate on the positive side, you will diminish your feelings of anxiety, have a great time, and fortify the connections that mean the most to you.

Always remember what you are going through is not permanent and advances in medical science have made fertility treatments more effective than ever before.

Happy Holidays!

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