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An Important Announcement From Fakih IVF Fertility Center

In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, Fakih IVF has an important message to share with patients

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19 March 2020

Last updated on 19 March 2020

Fakih IVF is closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19.

The current situation surrounding the new coronavirus changes daily, but one Dubai fertility clinic wants to ensure its patients that all is being done to ensure patient health and safety...

"The health and safety of our patients are of the utmost importance. We are committed to doing everything possible to make our patients' visits and treatments/procedures as safe as possible.

"We uphold the highest standards for hygiene and sanitation, paying special attention to effective hand-washing, using personal protective equipment to prevent any risk of contamination, and ensuring strict adherence to all rules and policies.

"We have implemented several new measures and procedures, which follow recommendations from the World Health Organization, U.A.E Government and The Health Authorities nationwide on disease control & prevention. We have reinforced our sanitisation safety procedures across all clinic areas, and have taken all necessary precautions recommended by international and local authorities.

"As we continue to serve our patients and enhance their experiences with us, we assure you that the safety and well-being of our patients and staff are of paramount importance."

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