WATCH: A Couple's IVF Journey in Dubai |

WATCH: A Couple's IVF Journey in Dubai

In 2019, a Dubai-based couple won 1 free IVF cycle with Fakih IVF, watch their journey here

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26 April 2020

Last updated on 28 April 2020

In honour of National Infertility Awareness Week, watch this Dubai-based couples own IVF journey...

Every year, National Infertility Awareness Week is observed from April 19 to 25, and for 2020, Dubai-based fertility group Fakih IVF wanted to share the story of a couple who have undergone IVF themselves.

Last April, Mr. and Mrs. Hawi won a free IVF cycle with the center, which helped to make their parenthood dream come true.

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"I've never won anything, and the first thing I'm hearing from friends is congratulations... It was a very emotional experience." Mrs. Hawi shares in the video. "This is some kind of sign, that this was a perfect time."

The couple were treated by Fakih IVF 's Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist, Dr. Zakwan Khrait.

"Dr. Zakwan is so amazing, he started to treat us from the first moment like friends. He made us so comfortable", adds Mrs. Hawi.

With the help of Dr. Zakwan and the Fakih IVF team, Mrs. Hawi became pregnant during the first cycle of IVF.

Reflecting on her journey, Mrs. Hawi shares in the video, "right now I'm very happy. It wasn't as hard as much as people were saying, and they were saying it's extremely emotional and painful.

"But I didn't have that experience. We had a doctor who doesn't approach you as a doctor. So many will just write a prescription and you're out as quickly as you were in, but it was not like that. We don't see Dr. Zakwan as a doctor. He checks on us from time to time.

"Even the nurses were all so helpful, they take a moment to speak with you and were very nice."

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Four months after beginning their journey with Fakih IVF, the couple held their own gender reveal with the team - revealing that they were expecting a girl.

Five months after that, on 16th February 2020, the couple welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Sofia Hawi.

Watch their full, heart-warming journey here:

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