How Technology Affects Women's Health |

How Technology Affects Women's Health

Our partners at Pacific Prime shine light on how technology is addressing women's health

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14 July 2019

Last updated on 15 July 2019
How Technology Affects Women's Health

In the years gone by, the world of healthcare has seen many advancements for medical technology

from innovative devices and software applications, through to social-networking services, like online consultations. This is due to the high demand for making medical care more accessible and efficient. The rise of artificial intelligence in the medical world has also brought further opportunities to explore innovative technologies in the realm of healthcare and beyond.

For a long time now, all these innovations were mostly aimed either towards men or to both genders. There were barely any innovations that were aimed at only women. However, in the past few years, women have seen a rise in what is known as fem-tech or female technology.

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How is technology addressing women's health?

From menstrual health and birth control to pregnancy, breast health, and menopause, innovative technology is being used to address the many unique aspects of women's health:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has allowed for the rise of applications and wearable devices that can help track data specific to women's health. Women can now use mobile applications and wearable devices (such as a smartwatch) to track their menstruation cycles, fertility window, and even body heat.


Another important point to mention is the ease of access to education. Rather than going to a doctor when an issue arises, or relying on generic information from books or educators, women can access health information more easily than ever before. By simply downloading free apps, young girls can learn about menstruation and puberty, and older women can get assistance for their menopause. Additionally, these apps can even analyze specific symptoms in order to suggest further steps in treating a wide variety of health-related issues.


Another way technology is affecting women’s healthcare is the rise of telemedicine. Telemedicine has drastically increased ease of access to care; for example, pregnant women can simply have an online video consultation with their OB-GYN, without going to the clinic physically.

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The future of health-related technology for women

Internet forums and social media will continue to have a significant effect on shaping and driving the demand for women’s health technology. Companies can scan through online conversations to identify the market needs, and female entrepreneurs are stepping in to cater to females exclusively.

Take, for example, CEO of Elvie’s, Tania Boler, who has last year released a wearable breast pump that is not attached to any cords. This fem-tech company states it will continue working on devices to make the life of women more comfortable and to break the taboo surrounding women's health.

Another innovative app comes from the company ‘Clue’ and their CEO Ida Tin. Their app’s main feature is to track menstrual cycles, however, they have also launched a feature that allows women to recognize if they have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome. Around 10% of women have this condition, but by having this app they will be able to identify the condition earlier and bring the printed report from the app to the doctor.

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Make your voices heard

It is encouraged that women continue talking about their health openly so they can completely break the mold and make it easier to talk about what was once considered a taboo topic in public. Women should also make their voices heard, demanding better support for themselves via exercise and various fitness apps.

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