Setting the Record Straight on Dubai IVF Clinic Success Rates |

Setting the Record Straight on Dubai IVF Clinic Success Rates

It’s a new year, which oftentimes leads people to think about the future, both in the long and short term

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8 January 2019

Last updated on 8 January 2019
Setting the Record Straight on Dubai IVF Clinic Success Rates

While we may have short term goals like breaking a bad habit, or dropping a few kilos, there are other decisions that happen this time of year that have a lasting, lifelong impact – like deciding to have a baby.

Of course, it’s not always as simple as just making a decision when it comes to making an addition to our families. Even if a couple is ready to put a ‘bun in the oven’ so to speak, sometimes nature has other ideas.

In fact, 20% of Dubai couples find that they are not able to conceive due to some sort of fertility issue, and must turn to modern medicine in order to become pregnant.

To be sure, there are many different fertility clinics in Dubai and the larger UAE that can assist a couple to conceive, but are they always as great as they purport themselves to be?

Apparently, there are some less scrupulous facilities out there that have been making some very bold statements about the success rates that they are providing to new parents.

In an effort to make sure that you are armed with accurate knowledge when it comes to fertility treatments, insurance broker Pacific Prime has prepared this article in order to set the record straight, and make sure that you are not taken advantage of during one of your most vulnerable times.

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The truth about fertility success rates

Everyone wants to stay positive when it comes to fertility treatments, but lately it has been seen that some fertility clinics have gone too far when it comes to reporting their in-vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates.

Amidst the high level of competition between clinics that are vying for money from aspiring parents, it has been reported that some clinics are boasting success rates as high as 80%! To be sure, a woman going through IVF treatment should be aware that the notion that any single treatment will give them an 80% chance of taking a baby home within the year simply is not true.

However, the science behind IVF treatment does allow clinics to make such claims, if they so choose. How is this? Well, it’s all about context and manipulating figures and demographics to paint a picture that is much rosier than the reality of the situation.

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When talking about assisted biochemical pregnancy in women less than 35 years of age, it is actually true that an 80% success rate can be achieved. However, if your fertility clinic presents you with this statistic, you should be aware that they may be attempting to mislead you.

This is because biochemical pregnancy is really only the very beginning of fertilization, and is far from the end of the road when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

If we look into it a bit more, we see that biochemical pregnancy then leads to clinical pregnancy, where the success rate then falls to about 55-60% in women 35 or less. Then again, when it comes to full term live birth – the final stage of pregnancy – we find that there is another drop that puts success rates at about 35-40%. Unfortunately, this figure drops even further for women over 35 years of age, to only about 20%.

These lower figures are where a woman’s expectations should be when she first approaches a fertility clinic, and if substantially higher numbers are presented to her, she should be wary of the practices of the clinic in question.

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Where to turn for information

In light of the fact that some clinics have been found presenting misleading information, where can potential parents turn to for information?

Thorough online research and asking people within their personal network can certainly go a long way, but Pacific Prime has some resources you can use, too!

Recently, the company has released a free Dubai In Vitro Fertilization Guide that provides a comprehensive overview of the topic of IVF treatment in the emirate.

Looking inside, you will see that the guide covers a range of topics, including:

  • The most common fertility problems facing women and men in Dubai
  • Global IVF success rates
  • Dubai IVF costs
  • How IVF interacts with medical insurance

New moms-to-be that want more general maternity insurance information for Dubai can also check out Pacific Prime’s free Dubai Maternity Insurance Guide today, which provides background information on local maternity hospitals, their costs, and important points related to maternity insurance in Dubai.

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Get assistance when you need it

If you have any additional questions about where to get the best fertility or maternity care in Dubai, it would likely be best to ask a trusted family doctor, friends, or family members for a referral. You could even turn to Expat Woman’s forums for advice from other local mothers who may have been through similar situations to what you are going through now.

Where maternity insurance and cost questions are still had, look no further than the helpful insurance experts at Pacific Prime Dubai. Not only can they provide you with the answers you seek, but they will also happily give you a comparison of plans from different local insurers, as well as a free price quote. Contact them today!

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