Kidney Transplant in Dubai: Watch a Resident's Success Story |

WATCH: A Live Donor's Successful Kidney Transplant Story in Dubai

Ahead of World Kidney Day for March 11, we take a look at kidney disease and raising awareness on live donor kidney transplants

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8 March 2021

Last updated on 8 March 2021
WATCH: A Live Donor's Successful Kidney Transplant Story in Dubai

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition characterized by the gradual loss of kidney function over time. It is defined through 5 stages: from very mild damage in stage 1 to complete kidney failure in stage 5.

End stage kidney disease is a condition when kidney failure has reached its advanced stage, where the health of the kidney has declined to the point that it can no longer perform its required functions on its own. At this stage, patients need either dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive.

As an accredited institute, Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai is equipped to support these patients who are either going through dialysis or are an eligible candidate for kidney transplant procedure.

Their team of transplant surgeons and nephrologists work and support both the recipient and donor throughout the transplant procedure.

Organ donation helps give others a second chance at life...

On the occasion of World Kidney Day (March 11), we wished to create awareness about "live donor kidney transplant" and how it helps to shorten the waiting time for patients and improve long term kidney survival.

The patient, UAE-based chef Mr. Anthony Russel, is one such example who was lucky to find a kidney donor in his brother in law when he started searching for kidney transplant option.

After years of hemo, perinotenial dialysis, and suffering, he successfully went through a transplant procedure where the donor, Jonathan, came up to help his brother in law by donating his kidney.

Watch their full, heart-warming journey here:

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