Sport Injuries in Dubai: Causes and How to Prevent Them |

Sport Injuries in Dubai: Causes and How to Prevent Them

Over the last few decades, young and old alike have started to realize that they have to be active and keep fit to stay healthy

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4 September 2018

Last updated on 25 July 2019
Sports Injuries in Dubai | Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

Going to the gym or doing sports activities is obviously very beneficial for our health, both mentally and physically, but unfortunately it does sometimes come with a price - which is accidental injury.

One of the main injuries are ligament injuries to the joints and the back. Less frequently we see muscle sprains or ruptures and fractures.

The most common injury in males is ligament injury of the lumbar spine caused by heavy weightlifting. Sometimes people lift weights beyond their tolerance which can result in ligament or muscular damage.

Try to stick to mid-range weightlifting, make sure you use a back support and work with an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.

If a ligament sprain occurs, then you have to ice it immediately, keep the limb up if it is possible, and use anti-inflammatory medications.

If the injury fails to improve within 48 hours you have to seek medical advice to make sure that the ligament is not badly sprained, and that is no fracture or torn muscle associated with it.

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The second most common injury is shoulder impingement syndrome, in other words inflammation of the tendons around the shoulder muscles, which is mainly caused again by heavy lifting. This can also be avoided with good guidance from trainers.

Running on the treadmill does not come without risks, including twisting injuries to the ankle and spraining of the ligaments, from which might take up to 12 weeks to recover.

Most of the time these injuries are not severe enough to require medical attention.

Tendon tears can happen in the shoulder, the elbow and the ankle from indoor activities, especially if the person did not do proper stretching and warming up before starting the activity.

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In outdoor activated injuries are mainly fractures in the feet from running (called runners’ fracture), although sometimes the fracture may be in the leg bone which is called the tibia.

Do not forget that doing too much might cause more harm than good although that the muscles might look great distally with the weightlifting but for sure if you exceed the limits you would be asking for trouble.

Although this article might make you worry about sport activities injuries, we as Orthopedic Surgeons support these sports activities as long as they are practiced within reason and without pushing the limits too hard, because that is asking for a problem.

Stay active and be careful!

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