The Difference Between Car Waxing and Polishing |

The Difference Between Car Waxing and Polishing

Polishing and waxing although different, both are essential for the appearance of your car.

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20 September 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
The Difference Between Car Waxing and Polishing
With one of the highest percentages of car ownership per capita, Dubai does not fall short in the ownership of cars, especially high-end luxury cars and sports cars. 
Naturally, with cars like these, people always want to their car to shine amongst others but usually when questioned about car care, most people usually are uninformed. 
Countless people do not know the difference between polishing and waxing and, although different, both are essential for the appearance of your car.  
  • Car Polishing

Car polishing utilizes mild abrasives to remove a microscopic layer of paint, this can remove swirl marks, acid etchings (caused by birds), scratches, paint chips and water spots. It tries to give the paint the rich and vibrant look it first had when the car was still new, however, it eliminates mild surface defects and it won’t always require only polishing to fix all paint defects.

Polishing only eliminates mild surface defects which haven’t penetrated the clear coat and below. It is also the preliminary step before waxing and it is no straightforward process.

Polishing requires experienced technicians, like the team at Orange Auto, that is able to operate professional polishing machines to remove even the most complicated of paint defects. Beginners are advised to either polish by hand or use a simple dual action polisher. 

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  • Car Waxing

After the polishing process comes waxing which is used to enhance the shine of the exterior paint and protect it against surface pollution, UV rays and minimize oxidation.

There’re usually two types of wax you’re able to apply to your car: Carnauba wax and synthetic paint sealant. Carnauba wax gives your car the shine and looks of when it first came out of the dealership but it usually doesn’t last very long. Paint sealants last longer due to their composition but it doesn’t have the same shine as the Carnauba wax. Depending on your preference you can choose either, however, if you want a shine that lasts long you can opt to apply both.

As mentioned above, waxing should be the finishing touch for your car to retain its “New Car” look and if polishing isn’t done first, waxing won’t have the desired effect. Additionally, if polishing is followed by improper usage of wax, your paint is still vulnerable to damage.
The frequency of polishing depends on how you take care of your car and the current state of the paint. If the paint is looking dull after a wash, it’s time to take it to a professional garage like Orange Auto. You will be advised about if your car needs a polishing job or just a simple waxing.

One thing to note is that polishing shouldn’t be done too frequently as it can spoil the surface of your car, waxing also presents its own set of features depending on the wax you use: Depending on the type, you might need to wax your car more or less frequently.

Finally, now that you know the differences between waxing and polishing, it’s best you take your car to a skilled set of technicians like Orange Auto’s team.