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9 Must-have Car Safety Features to Drive Safely in Dense Fog

Learn about the most essential car safety technologies that can help in reducing the risk of a dangerous road situation induced by extremely foggy conditions.

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15 February 2018

Last updated on 20 February 2018
Safety Features for Driving in Dense Fog

Motorists in the UAE often have to face some extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, dense fog, dust storms amongst others, which can make driving extremely difficult. The recent wave of dense fog has forced motorists to take extra precautions to remain safe while commuting in the UAE. Foggy conditions have taken over the UAE this winter season and made daily commuting a serious challenge for motorists who have to battle almost zero visibility as well as slippery road conditions to reach their destinations.

Driving in dense fog can be difficult even for the most experienced drivers so the level of difficulty is understandably higher for inexperienced or young drivers. Such tough driving conditions can be tackled in a safe manner by practicing safe driving habits such as paying 100% attention to the road while driving and being more defensive in one’s approach to avoid a dangerous road situation. While these basics road safety protocols can help while driving safely in dense fog, receiving extra help is always a welcome relief.

The modern-day car safety features can help motorists a great deal while driving in extremely foggy conditions and keep the occupants of a car safe in case of a dangerous road situation. Many modern vehicles are now coming with advanced safety equipment and latest technologies that are designed to reduce the risk of a fatal car collision or to minimize the severity of injuries in an unavoidable road accident.

Here are the most important car safety features that help while driving in extreme weather conditions such as dense fog.

Driver Attention Assist

It is one of most advanced safety features that is only offered in latest luxury or expensive vehicles. Driver Attention Assist helps a driver in avoiding a dangerous situation on the road by making sure that the driver is paying attention to the road. This safety technology is designed to detect any lapse in the driver’s attention by using multiple sensors and if a drop in driver’s attention is detected, it will issue a warning through vibration in the driver’s seat or through a loud audible alarm to bring the driver’s attention back to the road. The Driver Attention Assist ensures that the driver’s attention is always on the road while driving, which becomes extremely necessary while driving in dense fog.

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Driver Attention Assist

Emergency Brake Assist

Often considered as a premium safety feature that is exclusively available in expensive and luxury vehicles, the Emergency Brake Assist is an intelligent driver-assistance technology that helps a driver in avoiding a dangerous road situation. This braking system will take notice of the driver’s braking behaviour and set a threshold for emergency braking. In event of a sudden change in the braking pattern or behaviour that goes beyond the predefined threshold, the system will override the conventional braking system and apply maximum pressure on all wheels to stop the car immediately.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Since visibility decreases considerably in dense fog, the ability to stop a vehicle timely becomes extremely critical. The Electronic Brakeforce Distribution becomes an important safety feature in such conditions as it enhances the braking efficiency of a vehicle and helps in avoiding a possible collision with another vehicle or any obstacle on the road. In an emergency braking situation, the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution will send the required force to all four wheels for efficient braking and reduce the danger of an impending collision.

Automatic Crash Notification

When it comes to post collision car safety technologies, the Automatic Crash Notification is one of the most advanced and critical technologies that can potentially reduce fatalities in a dangerous road accident. The system will automatically notify the emergency services of the accident and request immediate help after an accident has occurred. The Automatic Crash Notification will alert emergency services by sounding an alarm in the control room or by making a voice call to notify them about the accident. This intelligent system will send the location of the accident so that the emergency services can reach the destination without any delays and save lives.

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Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock Braking System is one of the most common and most effective safety features in modern-day cars. As the name suggests, the Anti-lock Braking System will help in improving the braking ability and efficiency of the vehicle by preventing the wheels from jamming. Apart from that, this safety system also helps in maintaining the steering capabilities of the vehicle, especially when brakes are applied in an emergency situation. It also helps the wheels to maintain traction on wet roads by regulating the rotation of wheels to stop them from jamming and enhances the braking capabilities of the vehicle in general.

Anti-lock Braking System

Electronic Stability Control

The Electronic Stability Control is one of the advanced safety features that enhance the stability of the vehicle in slippery road conditions such as dense fog or heavy rainfall. It is designed to offer the driver better control of the vehicle when a vehicle suddenly loses traction. The Electronic Stability Control is basically a computer operated system that automatically applies brakes to individual wheels in case the driver loses control of the vehicle. Even if there is a minor lapse in the driver’s control over the vehicle, the Electronic Stability Control will take over and prevent a dangerous collision.

Traction Control System

The Traction Control System is very much like the Electronic Stability Control in its basic functioning. It improves the turning ability of the tyres and helps the vehicle to maintain its grip on slippery and wet road conditions that can be caused by dense fog. The Traction Control System will activate automatically and control the spinning of the tyres to enhance the available road traction and avoid sudden slipping of the vehicle by taking control of the vehicle’s acceleration.

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Airbags are one of the oldest and essential car safety features that serve as a first line of defense for the occupants of a car if an accident occurs. Airbags are designed to deploy in the event of a mild to severe front-end or side impact collision and their deployment protects the occupants against hitting hard objects including dashboard of the car. Airbags also protect occupants from being thrown out of the vehicle in a high speed impact crash. In this way, the deployment of airbags helps in reducing the risk of fatal injuries.


Seatbelt Protection

Seatbelts make up the basic car safety equipment with airbags to provide the much-needed protection to occupants in an unavoidable dangerous collision. Both the driver and passengers must wear the seatbelts as it is the most fundamental car safety protocol that should never be missed.

Wearing seatbelts can save occupants from hitting their head on any hard object of the vehicle or from being thrown out of the vehicle in a forceful collision. For the protection of child passengers, it is also important to install a child safety seat (if already not installed) with top tethering anchors in the back seat of the vehicle to safeguard the children from being thrown out of the vehicle in the event of a dangerous collision.

Final Verdict

A safe car that is equipped with modern-day safety technologies and driver-assistance systems can provide a great support in avoiding dangerous road situations. However, it must be noted that these safety technologies can never substitute a driver’s attention on the road. Driving a vehicle that is equipped with safety technologies doesn’t mean that you can afford to be less attentive while driving as the safety technologies in a car only serve as a secondary support system. Motorists must always be extra careful while driving in challenging road and weather conditions such as driving in dense fog and with the support of driver-assisting safety technologies, the risk of a fatal road accident can be reduced to a bare minimum.

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