Car Free Day to be Observed in Dubai on February 4, 2018 |

Car Free Day to be Observed in Dubai on February 4, 2018

Read the blog below to learn why Car Free Day in Dubai has a huge significance in decreasing air pollution in Dubai.

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1 February 2018

Last updated on 4 February 2018
Car Free Day in Dubai

Dubai has the highest resident to car ratio (2:1) in the world, which is a major reason behind a number of traffic problems and air pollution in the emirate. The Dubai Municipality arranges a Car Free Day every year with the aim to make Dubai a global sustainable city by meeting the “international environmental conventions.”

It is fundamentally an initiative pioneered by the Dubai Municipality, however, other emirates are also expected to join Dubai in this year’s Car Free Day. According to the Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Lootah, other emirates including Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain and Ajman will also join Dubai on Car Free Day 2018, which will widen the scope of this initiative and help authorities in addressing a bigger audience about the importance of reducing emission of greenhouse gases into the air.

In the spirit of the Car Free Day, motorists limit the use of their private vehicles and use public transport as an alternative commuting option.

Historical Perspective of the Car Free Day

It is a relatively new initiative as the first Car Free Day was observed in 2010. This initiative for environmental protection has gone from strength to strength since its beginning and authorities have been able to bring more motorists on board to observe the Car Free Day in its true sense.

According to the figures released by Dubai Municipality, the Car Free Day in 2016 urged the motorists to limit the use of 45,000 vehicles that increased to 60,000 in 2017, marking a 33% increase. These figures are of immense significance as 174 tonnes of carbon emission were halted from being released into the air in 2017, which could require 1,218 trees to be cultivated in order to counter the effects of greenhouse gases emitted by combustion engine vehicles.

A number of organizations participate in the Car Free Day every year to make it a success and contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint of Dubai. Taking the Car Free Day to other emirates will further enhance the popularity of this initiative and help in improving the air quality nationwide, which is one of the major goals of federal authorities for coming years.

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Official Statement on the Car Free Day

The Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Lootah, announced in a recently held press conference that the Car Free Day will be observed in Dubai on February 4, 2018. He said that the Car Free Day initiative serves as a model to find ways of protecting environment from pollution caused by greenhouse gases.

In 2017, 2,500 motorists registered to use public transport to reach their workplace, which was an encouraging sign. According to Hussain Lootah, the increasing popularity of the Car Free Day initiative reflects the growing awareness among motorists to find means of protecting the environment from harmful carbon emissions.

Besides expressing his gratitude towards motorists in helping authorities inch closer to their target of making Dubai a global sustainable city, he also revealed some astounding figures to further urge motorists to make it a habit of limiting the use of their private combustion engine vehicles. He revealed that a combustion engine vehicle with a fuel tank capacity of 15 gallons emits 140 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the air. Annually, it will produce 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide that makes combustion engine vehicles a fundamental reason behind global warming today.

An Ideal Alternative to Combustion Engine Vehicles

With combustion engine vehicles being recognized as a major reason behind global warming and because of fluctuating fuel prices across the world, it has become inevitable for motorists to find means of reducing dependence on conventional fuel. A shift from conventional combustion engine vehicles to fuel-efficient eco-friendly vehicles such as Hybrids and Electric Vehicles (EVs) can be a long-term solution in reducing dependence on conventional fuel.

While hybrids use a combustion engine as a secondary power source, electric vehicles only use electricity to generate power. As electric vehicles also ensure zero emissions, they are an ideal eco-friendly alternative to the combustion engine vehicles.

The Car Free Day highlights the importance of selecting eco-friendly commuting options that can significantly reduce the emission of harmful gases into the air. With more people opting for an electric vehicle in near future, the carbon footprint of Dubai can be reduced to a bare minimum.

The Government of the UAE has also been supporting the transition from combustion engine vehicles to EVs. Electric car owners and buyers are offered many incentives by the government in order to increase the sales of electric vehicles.

To learn more about the incentives and benefits being offered by the UAE Government to electric car owners and buyers, read our comprehensive blog on the topic by click here.

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An Ideal Alternative to Combustion Engine Vehicles

Green Point System in Dubai

There is a Green Point System in Dubai that calculates the carbon emissions of private vehicles owned by motorists on regular basis and motorists with the least carbon emissions to their name are rewarded with gifts and prizes. Motorists who use public transport more often and own an eco-friendly vehicle are entitled to earn more green points than others.

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The Car Free Day in Dubai is an important initiative taken by authorities to reduce air pollution in the emirate. It is all about building awareness amongst general public about the importance of limited use of private vehicles and selecting eco-friendly commuting options. Motorists should show maximum participation in the Car Free Day that is to be observed on Feb 4, 2018, to make it an even bigger success than previous years.

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