Is Car Trade-in a Viable Option in the UAE? |

Is Car Trade-in a Viable Option in the UAE?

Trade-in is offered by used car dealers when they sell their cars to the dealers.

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16 April 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Is Car Trade-in a Viable Option in the UAE?
You can face many challenges while selling a used car independently in the UAE. One of these challenges is the trade-in option offered by professional car dealers when they look to sell their used cars to dealers. The task of selling used cars becomes even more challenging when trading in a car is weighed against the option of selling a car separately. Trade-in is a technique used by car dealers wherein they promise to buy a used car only if the seller agrees on buying the new car from their own stock of cars. The offer sounds lucrative, especially if the expat woman is also looking to buy a new car and she can take it as a down-payment option for the new car. Contrary to the apparent benefits, trade-ins hardly ever workout as beneficial for the car seller.
Dealers urge the sellers to trade-in their used car by demonstrating different benefits, but only dealers get benefited if a seller agrees on trading a car in. 

How Dealers Trick the Sellers with Trade-ins

It is a very simple trick used by dealers to buy cars from the sellers who don’t have much experience in the automotive market. Dealers with their trade-in method make sure that they offer the seller only one benefit, either they offer a high price for the used car or they offer a bigger discount on the purchase of new car. The offer is laid out in such a way that the seller thinks that they are benefiting from one big transaction. In reality, it is in the best interest of the seller to separate the two transactions so that they can maintain their bargaining power over both sides of the transaction. 
It is very important for you to realize that dealers are fairly intelligent people and have years of experience in tricking sellers into trading-in their cars. Their experience in arguing with used car sellers enables them to have an answer to every question asked by a car seller.  Sellers not looking to buy a new car can easily say no to a trade-in deal, but those looking to change their car and buy a new one are the ones that fall for the trade-in offer from the used car dealers. In order to avoid being tricked by dealers, the best practice is to sell your car to one dealer and buy the new car from another dealer. 
You must walk away if a certain dealer doesn’t agree to buy your car and forces you into a trade-in deal, as there are other dealers in the car market who don’t push the sellers too much into trading in their cars. 

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Is there Any Benefit Associated with Trading your Car in?

Used car dealers know the challenges one has to face in order to first sell their car and then buy a new one. When it comes to trading in a car to the dealer, the ultimate benefit you get is that you don’t have to look for a dealer to first sell your car to and then you don’t have to look for another dealer to buy a car from. But this convenience comes at a high cost, you will have to forgo one of the two benefits from the trade-in transaction, that is, either you will get a good price for your used car or you will get a good discount on your new car.

Other Ways of Selling a Used Car in the UAE

Selling a car to dealers is not beneficial, not just because used car dealers push the sellers into trade-ins but also because these dealers offer fairly low prices for used cars older than 2 to 3 years. This is why you need to look for other means of selling a used car in the UAE. One option could be to sell a car privately by advertising the car on the social media platforms or through car selling classified websites. This option carries severe risks because of dealing with strangers and can lead you towards a potential loss. Another option could be to sell a car through the specialist car buying companies that deliver the safest way to sell a car in the UAE with their authentic approach and the benefits guaranteed to the car sellers. There are specialist car buying companies in the UAE that make the process of selling cars completely hassle-free for you and save them from tricks of dealers and risks of private selling of used cars. 

The Most Authentic Way to Sell Used Cars in the UAE

The most authentic way for you to sell a car in the UAE is to sell it through a highly reliable and well-reputed specialist car buying company. These specialist car buying companies offer a quick and convenient way to sell a car, hence simplifying one of the two transactions. is the UAE’s largest specialist car buying company with nationwide network of branches, which makes it easy for you to locate them and sell their cars. 
Listed below are the advantages that you can get by selling their used cars through a company like
  • Free No-obligation Services like Online Car Valuation and Physical Inspection of the Car 
  • Safe Payment through Electronic Bank Transfer
  • Selling of Used Cars in Just 30 Minutes at Competitive Market Prices 
  • Guarantee of buying any car regardless of its condition, age, brand or model and even if the car is bank-financed
  • Handling of Post-sale Paperwork which makes it a 100% hassle-free process
The biggest benefit of selling a used car to a company like is that they give the guarantee to buy every car that they inspect. The best part of their services is that you can simply walk-away from the deal at any point and there will be no charges for using their service. 

Our Verdict 

With the process of car trade-in thoroughly discussed, it is evident that trading in a used car is not beneficial for you if you are looking to sell your car in the UAE. The most sound option is to separate the car selling transaction from the buying of a new car transaction to maintain the upper hand in both transactions. Specialist car buying companies like simplify the process of selling a car in the UAE with their guaranteed-purchase promise and 100% hassle-free process, thus taking the pain out of the “selling of a used car transaction.”
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