The Dubai Mall Is Set To Get 5,000 More Parking Spaces |

The Dubai Mall Is Set To Get 5,000 More Parking Spaces

Good news for shoppers in Dubai, you’re more likely to find a parking space in Dubai Mall in 2019

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25 October 2018

Last updated on 25 October 2018
Dubai Mall

The worst thing to happen during your planned shopping spree, is not to find somewhere to park your car

And then your whole shopping mood is altered because you’re frantically going around in the parking lot trying to find a space for your car.

Especially in a mall as large as Dubai Mall, the parking spaces just seem to fill up quite fast.

But good news to motorists in the city, Dubai Mall is building an additional parking to house 5,000 new spaces by the Spring of 2019, announced on Wednesday by Emaar Malls’ Chief Executive.

This new parking project hopes to alleviate some of the traffic situations that occur in Dubai Mall’s parking – the mall receives an annual 87 million visitors and will have more transportation for shoppers in the New Year.

Extending from the Zabeel and fountain views, motorists can find more than enough parking spaces in those areas of the parking starting from 2019.

Dubai Mall, who is 10 years old this year, currently offers 9,500 parking spaces to shoppers in the mall – while this may seem like a lot, Dubai Mall is a tourists hub and popular location amongst residents and can get quite busy during peak hours.

Dubai Mall

A parking app to be released

A new parking app will also ease traffic and help shoppers find parking in Dubai Mall – the app will allow users to find available parking spaces near their chosen location or store.

It will also have a pre-reserve parking option for those who are planning to visit the mall during peak hours and want to guarantee a space.

And for those who have lost their car in the vast parking space of the mall, the app will also allow you to find your vehicle by entering your plate number and it will direct you to your parking space.