How to Keep Your Kitchen and Your Home Pest Free in Dubai |

How to Keep Your Kitchen and Your Home Pest Free in Dubai

Here’s a simple guide on how to keep your kitchen and your home safe from pest invasions.

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25 March 2018

Last updated on 27 March 2019
Keep Your Kitchen and Your Home Pest Free

Pests have surely become one of our greatest household worries in Dubai; we all put so much effort in keeping our families and loved ones safe from these annoying and disease-carrying “creatures”.

Boecker® professionals have treated thousands and thousands of houses for over two decades now and solved the most complicated and uncommon pest problems. Household pests are not only annoying, but they can also pose some mild to serious health risks to yourself and to your family.

Kitchens are known to be among the most infested areas inside the house. We will take you today through the kitchen’s pest hotspots and the types of pests that are most likely to appear there.

Types of Kitchen Pests:

Rodents and crawling insects are most commonly found around the kitchen. Cockroaches and ants represent, jointly, more than 65% of pest infestations, followed by rodents (rats and mice) and flies (fruit and house flies). The study showed that ants are ranked as the number one pest in the Levant area vs. cockroaches in the Gulf region.

Whatever the ranking, these harmful pests entered your home and found there food and shelter, what’s certain is that they are not likely to leave it “peacefully”.

Types of Kitchen Pests

Causes of Pest Infestations:

To avoid turning your home into an infested site, through accidentally introduced pests, follow your pest professional recommendations. The conducted survey found repetitive situations and reasons that lead to such pests infestations, across all surveyed premises.

Poor sanitation and the lack of proofing are among the main reasons, in addition to the following issues.

  • Drains system not well maintained
  • Cracks, Crevices and openings
  • Grocery bags and boxes carrying tiny pests eggs
  • Poor inspection and treatments

Health Risks of the Invaders

Pests are all known to spread diseases through cross-contamination i.e. contaminating clean food or surfaces with the germs they carry. When you see a cockroach or an ant on your kitchen counter, lookout for the food that you have left uncovered as it might have become infected with harmful microorganisms.

Cockroaches are known to cause allergies and asthma; they may spread bacteria and pathogens by contact with your kitchen surfaces, utensils or food. But the most dangerous of all are rodents: they are notorious for spreading germs that lead to potentially serious health risks namely the “Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome” which can be fatal. Rodents spread these pathogens by contact and through their urine and faeces.

Flies are another common pest type spotted inside kitchens. Besides being a major nuisance, flies can also spread around germs, bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens. The disgusting fact is that when seeing a fly on any food, know that it is regurgitating the contents of their stomach into that food spreading with that thousands of germs. It is not for nothing that flies can be responsible for food poisoning cases. One of the major germs they spread is Salmonella.

3 Golden Rules to Keep Pests Away

If you have spotted one pest, do not jump into any conclusion, as one pest might indicate that many others are hiding inside your walls, under your tiles, waiting for nightfall to get out and search for food. Applying these easy and simple tips will help in the pest prevention inside your kitchen and your house. But following these steps without any professional pest control will not remove the infestation. You should start by controlling the problem and then complementing it with preventive measures.

  • RULE #1: Take the trash out away from the facility regularly so that there is no build up to attract any pest inside
  • RULE #2: Be cautious if you leave any doors open to the outside. Many kitchens do keep a door open for air flow, however; this can be an easy way for pests to get inside
  • RULE #3: Keep all surfaces clean and free from any food debris or drink spills to avoid attracting pests

Guaranteed Boecker® Results

With Boecker® you can rest assured that your premises are safe from any pests thanks to the year-round pest management service applied by well-trained pest professionals who use the world’s best techniques and the safest.

Boecker® technicians will always make sure to explain to you the situation of the pest problem and will guide you through the necessary sanitation and proofing recommendations that should be followed in order to reduce the existing infestation and prevent new ones from Rule taking place.