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5 Reasons Why Filtered Shower Heads and Shower Filters are Necessary in Dubai

Looking for reasons to finally buy a filtered showerhead? Here are several reasons to filter your shower water in Dubai.

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16 October 2018

Last updated on 25 October 2018
Are Filtered Shower Heads and Shower Filters Necessary in Dubai?

We all know that staying hydrated and drinking filtered water is very important for our health. However, have you ever thought about the quality of the water you shower in, in Dubai? and how it can affect your well-being?

In fact, showering in unfiltered, chlorinated water can be more harmful than drinking it. That is because more chlorine enters your body via inhalation while showering than through drinking.

Unfiltered shower water can contain an array of contaminants like chlorine, bacteria and minerals, in addition to fungus and millions of microorganisms that pile up inside unfiltered shower heads.

No shower head or shower filter can completely remove chloramine from your water, however, using a filtered shower head and pairing it with a shower filter from a reputable manufacturer can be very beneficial and truly worth it.

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Here are 5 reasons to filter your shower water:

1.Your skin will love it

Have you ever gotten out of the shower feeling a strong need to moisturize? Well, you can blame it on the hard water running out of your unfiltered showerhead. Unfiltered chlorinated water strips our skin from its moisture and the helpful bacteria that’s on our bodies. Our bodies then “literally” absorb the chlorine and chemical contaminants, making our skin feel dry and scaly with residue.

Using filtered shower head and shower filter would remove chlorine and other chemicals from the water, making it much less harsh and leaving our skin feeling significantly softer.

2. Your hair will thank you

Dry, frizzy, and unhealthy hair? Unfiltered water is most probably the reason.

In addition to chlorine stripping out the natural oils, unfiltered shower water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, silica, and iron which block out moisture and leave a residue. This is likely to make your hair feel dry and frizzy, and your scalp scaly and irritated.

Filtering out the chlorine and minerals with a filtered Shower head and Shower Filter can restore your hair’s natural shine, tame frizz and soften its texture.

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3. Cleaner indoor air

Indoor air-pollution is a reality. Our homes already have chemical pollutants; from laundry detergent, scented candles, building materials to even some food. In fact, unfiltered shower water tops the list of indoor pollution sources.

As hot shower water vaporizes, chlorine interacts with other substances in water and the air to form harmful byproducts like trihalomethanes (THMs) such as chloroform, which are then released into the air. Warm air opens the lungs, which makes avoiding the inhalation of these chemicals nearly impossible.

In many cities, municipal water is disinfected using chloramine; which is chlorine plus ammonia. This substance releases ammonia into the air when vaporized, making it even a more dangerous disinfectant. When you shower in this water, your body literally absorbs all these toxins, which in turn find their way to your bloodstream.

Chlorine absorption and inhalation can cause fatigue, depression and even lower your body’s immunity. Reducing our exposure to these toxins is important to our health, and a shower filter can be an effective and affordable step to start with.

4. Helps Prevent Diseases: like allergies, asthma and even Cancer

Bathing in chlorinated, unfiltered water has been proven to worsen sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema. It is believed that hard water could even be a reason behind developing such skin conditions.

Asthma among children and adults has increased over the years. Studies state that poor indoor air quality due to synthetic chemicals, including vaporized shower water, may be a significant cause. Who would have thought that giving your child a hot bath with unfiltered water could cause inflammation of the sinus linings and even have dangerous effects on their developmental health.

Chemical contaminants dissolved in unfiltered shower water subject users to higher risk of bladder, kidney, and rectal cancers as well as other health problems. Recent studies state that women with breast cancer have had high levels of chlorination byproducts in their breast tissue.

5. Important for pregnant women

Considering the health hazards associated with the exposure to toxins from the use of unfiltered shower water, shower filters and filtered showerheads become a vital addition to a household, in order to protect the mother’s health as well as her unborn child.

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