Is Drinking Water Before Going to Bed Good for You? |

Is Drinking Water Before Going to Bed Good for You?

Reasons why it’s important to be hydrated through the night and our tip for a relaxing beauty sleep

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7 April 2019

Last updated on 8 April 2019
Is Drinking Water Before Going to Bed Good for You?

We all know that water is a critical element to our bodies’ well-being.

Not consuming enough of it leads to dehydration, which could make you look puffier! That’s because your body attempts to hold onto the very last drop of water, which in turn can make you look like you’ve gained some extra weight. Now, who wants that?!

But, could the time at which we sip the magical H2O make a difference?

Our bedtime routines may vary in attempts to refresh our bodies after a long and tiring day; however, it is necessary to give our “inside” the TLC needed.

Here are some benefits of drinking water before going to bed:

1. It promotes sleep

Drinking a glass of cool water before bed promotes sleep because it enables the body to stabilize its hormones, vitamins and nutrients levels. It also helps muscles and joints to relax and thus your body restores itself naturally.

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2. It is a natural cleanser

Drinking warm water, on the other hand, improves digestion and detoxifies the body. That is because warm water increases the blood circulation, breaks down waste and makes you sweat more, cleansing your skin cells and removing toxins and excess salts.

And the fact is, regardless whether it’s hot or cold, water hydrates your body while you are asleep.

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3. It burns calories

Having a glass of cold water before you go to bed also allows your body to burn more calories as your body exerts extra effort to warm up the water, thus burn calories.

However, if you drink too much water right before going to bed, you might end up waking up multiple times in the middle for the night to go to the toilet and interrupt your sleep cycle.

Here’s our tip:

Follow your natural body’s cues and cut back on our beloved zero-calorie beverage 30 minutes - two hours before you go to sleep. Everyone is different but giving your body this time frame and using the restroom before you hit the sheets will prevent interrupting your beauty sleep.

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