How Drinking Filtered Water Can Help Ease Cold Symptoms |

How Drinking Filtered Water Can Help Ease Cold Symptoms

With the seemingly endless cycle of cold and flu, fend off the germs and viruses by keeping your body hydrated

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6 December 2018

Last updated on 6 December 2018
How Drinking Filtered Water Can Help Ease Cold Symptoms

Being sick is never fun!

The combination of watery eyes, blocked nose, sore throat and endless coughs can seriously knock you down for a week or two.

While no cure for the common cold really exists, many home remedies have been trusted to alleviate the bothersome common cold symptoms, and drinking filtered water is a great place to start.

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So, before you grab your tissue box and hop into bed just yet, here’s why drinking water can really help a common cold

Maintaining a daily intake of clean and pure water is very important for one’s overall well being.

Drinking water helps the body flush out toxins to keep the immune system in good working order. This is particularly important when suffering from a cold as fluids can be lost due to having a runny nose and sweating with a fever.

In the case where there’s diarrhea and/or vomiting, a body would expel even more fluids and dehydration may become a risk.

More than just replacing lost fluids, drinking water helps loosen up the mucus which causes congestion and blocks the nasal passage. This in turn would help alleviate the discomforting symptoms.

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How Drinking Filtered Water Can Help Ease Cold Symptoms

Salt water solution is a great traditional remedy. Gargling with it can help ease a sore throat.

Drinking hot water can be very helpful as the steam eases congestion.

Adding lemon and honey to your hot water will not only add a tasty flavor to it but can also help soothe a sore throat as the citrus cuts through the congestion, and the honey acts as a natural cough suppressant.

So, while stocking up on honey, lemons and tissues, make sure to drink adequate amount of water.

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