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OFFER: 22% Off With Permatech For World Water Day

In celebration of World Water Day on March 22, the Dubai-based company is offering a great discount

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20 March 2019

Last updated on 25 March 2019
Permatech offer for World Water Day

This Offer Has Now Expired.

Water for all is the theme for World Water Day this year.

In honour and celebration of the day, Dubai-based Permatech are offering 22% OFF their entire e-shop here.

This special discount will run for 48 hours only, starting at 12am on Friday 22nd March and ending on Saturday 24th at midnight.

All you have to do is apply the promo code upon checkout...

All you have to do is apply the promo code upon checkout: WATERFORALL2019

World Water Day is a very special occasion to the Permatech LLC Team. They strongly believe that we can never move forward as a global society while so many people are denied access to safe water.

Permatech Discount for World Water Day 2019

Who you are and where you live should never determine whether you have access to clean and safe water. Water is a human right.

For more information on Permatech's water filtration systems, feel free to give them a call, drop a message or book your FREE on-site water test.

About World Water Day 2019

For 2019, World Water Day is embracing the theme of 'water for all' - and 'leaving no one behind'. This goes hand in hand with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6), which aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water for everyone by 2030.

"Marginalised groups – women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people, and many others – are often overlooked, and sometimes face discrimination, as they try to access and manage the safe water they need.

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This World Water Day, 22nd March, is about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind", explains the official World Water Day website.

World Water Day 2019
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With over 30 years of experience in the water industry in the region, Permatech provides cost-effective and premium quality water treatment solutions.

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