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Why You Need to Quit Using Plastic Water Bottles Now

Here’s an alternative solution for using plastic water bottles in the UAE

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20 November 2018

Last updated on 20 November 2018
Why You Need to Quit Using Plastic Water Bottles Now!

Water is inevitable in our every day life. We need it to stay hydrated, to wash fruits and vegetables, prepare food and numerous indoor and outdoor household purposes.

It’s a key ingredient in our tea, coffee and most of our food recipes.

Every single cell and tissue in our body needs water, and almost 70% of our body weight consists of it.

But what if the water we drink isn’t safe?

Researches have proven that plastic bottles made from PET or polycarbonate leach chemicals that can cause cancer, asthma, heart diseases, or even inferentially problems. So why drink water that is prepackaged days or months in advance? Some get filled in reusable gallons, and most are exposed to sun and heat, which doubles the risk factors.

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The solution is simple: Water Filtration Systems.

Water filtration systems involve water treatment technology that is a convenient, economical and trustworthy alternative to unfiltered tap water, disposable bottles and reusable plastic bottles as well.

Permatech Water Filters have been innovatively designed to be compact, easy to maintain and generate one of the purest great tasting water available in the market.

Water in Permatech Filters passes through a regressive 6-step purification process that eliminates all kinds of problems your tap water may contain. Leaving you with refreshing, and healthy that is free from bacteria, viruses, cancer-causing chemicals, chlorine, dirt particulars and most importantly tastes and smells great.

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Quit lifting heavy bottles or arranging for the delivery of reusable gallons.

Save space, money and rest assured that your loved ones will drink pure and clean water.

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