Is Your Daily Shower Damaging Your Hair and Skin? |

Is Your Daily Shower Damaging Your Hair and Skin?

Read on to find out tips which can help you decrease the adverse effects of hot showers on your hair and skin...

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20 February 2019

Last updated on 24 February 2019
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For some of us, a shower works like coffee. It gives you the stimulation you need to wake up and start the day.

Others like it to relax after a workout or a tough day. Whichever is the case, unhealthy showering routines can cause more harm than good.

But how can being clean be a bad thing? When it damages your skin and hair.

Hot showers and baths disrupt the skin’s natural balance of moisture, robbing it from its natural oils, fats, and proteins that keep it healthy. This can cause inflammation, redness, itching, and even peeling!

Here’s what you can do:

1. Turn Down the Water Temperature

The fact is that extreme heat strips your skin, hair and nails from their natural oils. Instead, try lowering the water temperature to keep your skin hydrated and help your hair stay strong and shiny.

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2. Decrease Your Bathing Time

The longer you stand in the shower, the more your skin and hair are exposed to the moisture-stripping effects of hot, chemically treated water. Step out of the shower before your skin appears wrinkled like a prune and try skipping a shower here and there if your daily activity level or your profession allow.

3. You’re cleaner than you think

If you go to the gym every day or work in a chemical factory then by all means, you should shower every day; Otherwise, you're probably not that dirty.

Most people can get by with a gentle rinse while in the shower. Before you attack your body with a loofah, washcloth, or a simple bar of soap, consider which body parts are genuinely dirty and limit your scrubbing to them.

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4. Give your skin some love

Pat your body dry with a soft towel and apply an unscented lotion, cream or oil to your still-damp skin. This will help lock in moisture. Some find a light, water-based moisturizer good enough.

5. Avoid Harsh Bathing Products

Soap and shampoo dry your skin and hair by stripping away the natural oil barrier. Combined with the chemicals found in regular household water, these products can lead to excessively dry skin and brittle hair. Avoid harsh soup and shampoo when shopping for bathing products, look for mild and fragrance-free ones made from natural ingredients.

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5. Install a Shower Filter

Another way you can protect your skin and hair when you bathe is by investing in a Permatech Shower Filter. It is easy to install, does not use toxic chemicals and will provide your family with cleaner and non-drying water. Contact us today for more information.

For invigorating spa-inspired experience, install our handheld Vitamin C Permatech Showerhead to entice yourself with refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy in your own shower.

For more information, Drop us a message for immediate assistance or book your FREE on-site water test TODAY!

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