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How You Can Embrace a Plastic-Free Life in Dubai

We've found a great way to help you can reduce your plastic usage

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3 February 2019

Last updated on 4 February 2019

Use of plastic is a huge issue globally right now...

In fact, there are several hundreds of initiatives worldwide that encourage people to use plastic less and less. Here in the UAE alone, there's different campaigns that aim to target and reduce the use of plastic in the country.

But despite these groups in place, the UAE still has a problem; so much so that residents here reportedly use a whopping 13 billion plastic bags a year. Figures have shown that residents can use at least 450 plastic water bottles on average in a single year.

Do you know what that means? The UAE is one of the highest in bottle water consumption in the world.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce your plastic usage. And it starts at home - and even your office!

Reduce your plastic waste with The Waterclub

Changing our impact on the environment can easily start at home; replace plastic straws with paper ones, buy a shower sensor that lights red when you've been in their too long, purchase re-usable cotton bags for your grocery shopping.

You should even go as far as installing a water purifier in your home.

That's where The Waterclub comes in; promising a simple way to achieve filtered and UV purified water, the company have various options you can install at home or in your office that will give you easy access to healthy drinking water. And all come with the added bonus of NO plastic used!

The WaterClub in Dubai and UAE

How does The Waterclub work?

With various models and options, all work in a simple way. Waterclub technicians will connect The Waterclub to your home water supply, and you'll be able to instantly enjoy filtered water using a multi-stage filtration system.

The machine then boils and chills you water - maintaining its temperature and quality - meaning that you can have water for hot and cold drinks ready instantly.

Don't worry if you have young children, too; as all models come with child safety locks to ensure little fingers don't turn anything on!

Not only that - the device is also VERY energy efficient, and costs just a few fils per day to run.

The added benefits of The Waterclub

  • Water dispensed is filtered and UV purified - meaning nasty chemicals like chlorine are removed, and essential minerals are retained
  • The water is free of impurities and chlorine - resulting in better tasting water
  • Both boiling hot and chilled water are easily available at the touch of a button
  • The device can be put into sleeping mode to save energy
  • There's hot water child protection locks to ensure they're safe around kids

How to install a The Waterclub machine

With every product, the cost of delivery and installation is included in the overall price. As mentioned, there's various devices available - and you can view the full catalogue here!

Otherwise, we highly recommend the PURE model; this machine lets you choose your own personal settings for hot, cold and boiling water. Plus, it comes with a child lock and there's a alarm to let you know when the filter is due changing.

If you're seeking something for an office, the PRONTO model is best; it works even without a water connection (especially useful as 80% of Dubai's offices don't have a direct water line). The machine comes in grey, blue, black, white and dark red.

If you're seeking a more permanent solution, The Waterclub offer several under sink filtration systems or opt for the PICO device. Its space saver design is super slim, and can easily be installed under your skin. It's also the most efficient RO system as it has a daily capacity of 500 gallons.

Other models include PURE, PRIMO and PRESTO and they even offer re-usable bottles and shower filters.

The WaterClub
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The WaterClub simply connects to your home water supply and filters your water using a multi-stage filtration system. WaterClub then boils and chills the water, maintaining its temperature and quality, meaning that water for hot and cold drinks is ready instantly. The WaterClub home water cooler is very energy efficient costing just a few pence per day to run. Its uses are endless.

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