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What to Consider When Buying a Water Filter in Dubai

Thinking about getting a water filter? Here's some advice from WaterClub - plus, enjoy TWO special offers

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6 March 2019

Last updated on 11 March 2019
What to consider when buying a water filter in Dubai

Most of the UAE's population use plastic bottled water daily, and often in huge quantities.

The reality is that not many realise just how much plastic the gallons of quantity of water consumed requires. It is a fact that drinking from plastic bottles is not good for our health - not to mention the devastating impact plastic waste is having on our planet.

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One way to combat both issues is to install a water filter. So if you're considering whether you need a water filter - the simply answer is yes. It's the most efficient way of having access to clean drinking water... Both hot and cold!

We've teamed up with The WaterClub to bring you the main things to consider when buying your water filter...

How will a water filter improve my health?

Let us ask you - if you were to keep a plastic water bottle in your car from one day to the next, would you drink again from that bottle? The answer, we assume, would be no.

We ask because think of the process it takes for the water bottles to reach your home. From the distribution centres to your kitchen, plastic water bottles are left in the sun and in extremely hot temperatures mostly. As a result, heat leeches toxins from the plastic into your water. In fact, did you know there's 65 microplastics in bottled water?

The benefit of having a filter is that by having one installed in your home, the water you consume is never exposed. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination in comparison to plastic bottles and especially re-usable bottles, such as gallons.

What does water filter water taste like?

WaterClub's filters do not add anything to the water - they simply remove the bad stuff. So it tastes... Just like water!

What to consider when buying a water filter in Dubai

How will a water filter improve the planet?

The problem of plastic pollution is that the world is becoming ever more conscious - and the UAE is no different.

Due to intense heat in the country, bottled water is widely consumed. In fact, stats show from 2017 that UAE residents consumed over 768.1 million bottles in that one year alone. The vast majority of these being sent to landfill, or worse, ending up in the ocean.

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By installing a water filter the solution to helping fix the world's plastic problem is clear - your home will produce LESS plastic. Less plastic will go into landfills and into the oceans. And if everyone were to install one of WaterClub's water filters, plastic usage in the UAE would reduce dramatically.

Will a water filter save me money?

If the health benefits and the reduction of pollution aren't enough reason to convince you to install a water filter - then the money saved surely will. Even in the first year after installing one, you will notice a saving.

In 1 year, a household can spend up to AED 3,600 on gallon bottles of water. In 5 years, that can be as high as AED 18,000. For water bottles, a household can spend on average AED 5,677 on bottles and a staggering AED 28,387 in 5 years.

With WaterClub, the machine, filters and your DEWA would be around AED 3,265 for an average household's consumption. Over 5 years, including changed filters and maintenance, it will only be as high as AED 7,124.

WaterClub offer many different types of machines... Including options to rent. You can get in touch with one of their team who will be able to best advise you on what's most suitable for your needs. Simply press the "click to contact" button below.

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The WaterClub simply connects to your home water supply and filters your water using a multi-stage filtration system. WaterClub then boils and chills the water, maintaining its temperature and quality, meaning that water for hot and cold drinks is ready instantly. The WaterClub home water cooler is very energy efficient costing just a few pence per day to run. Its uses are endless.

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